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A Dog Adopts An Orphaned Lamb After Its Own Mom Rejects It (Video)

A dog adopts orphaned lamb after its own mom rejects it (video)

Bennedict CurlyPatch, The Sheep-Dog

A Golden Retriever named Lily is the new mom of two puppies of her own and an honorary member, Benny, the lamb. After giving birth to her puppies, Lily also adopted Benny after his mother rejected him. While it seems unusual, this is just one of many amazing friendships in the animal kingdom.

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In a TikTok video posted by @darcy_boris_lily, the owner of Benny and Lily, goes on to explain that Benny’s mom gave birth to triplets. Unfortunately, she was only able to care for two of them herself. At that point, the owner knew that Lily was her next best option to help Benny get the maternal care he needs.

“Benny is coming on wonderfully, he latched properly yesterday for the first time & his energy has just shot up. He runs pretty fast for being a few days old,” his owner commented.

A dog adopts orphaned lamb after its own mom rejects it (video)

A Sheep Of Flock and Pack

Not only did Lily accept Benny without any hesitation, but it also seems that the feeling was mutual. Though he is a natural part of their pack, Benny’s owner has continued to do what she can to foster a relationship between him and his lamb siblings. One at a time, she will bring his siblings in for a visit as he loves to play with them. That said, Lily has made it clear that Benny is her baby, no matter their difference of species.

“Lily still loves cleaning Benny, wrestling with him and she always watches over him. If someone’s too rough near him or mama sheep comes over to push him away, Lily will get in the way” noted their owner.

A dog adopts orphaned lamb after its own mom rejects it (video)

Family Is Forever

Regardless of the number of legs or species, it is clear that love is what bonds this blended family. Their owner recently shared a touching clip of Lily, her puppies, and Benny all playing together as one happy family. The owner even jokes that Benny thinks he is a dog now.

“When he’s a little older, he’s going to join us on dog walks with his doggo flock. Our neighbors are going to think we’re completely [nut]s but I really don’t care. Benny literally follows the dogs and Aaron and I everywhere. He loves company.” Watch the adorable videos and share your thoughts in the comments.

If you enjoy reading about incredible animal friendships, visit Alpha Paw’s blog for more heartwarming stories about our fur buddies! Photo credit: @darcy_boris_lily


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