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6 Tasty Treats That Dogs Go Absolutely Mutts Over June 17, 2021

6 Tasty Treats That Dogs Go Absolutely Mutts Over

Does your dog hate taking pills? Does she spit them up, refuse to even take them, or worse, eat the snack you’ve hidden the pill in, and left the pill alone! Have you run out of clever tricks? We’ve got the solution for you.

Imagine giving them a treat that they will absolutely love AND it helps them! Instead of running away from the pill bottle, she’ll be racing to you for her healthy chews! These snacks come packed with natural ingredients that are both dog-safe, taste-test approved. Not to mention, they’re an easy way to give your dog the care and added benefits they need without putting up a fight.

Let’s get started with our personal favorite.


Dentalicious™ Doggy Sticks

For many of us, dogs are considered additional members of our family with a little extra fur. That means we are always looking for the best ways to take care of them and their overall well-being. Dental health is one of the many ways to do so. However, it isn’t always as easy to brush your dog’s teeth. It often requires a bit of creativity and a lot of patience – perhaps even some experience in alligator wrestling.

Alpha Paw is here to save the day with their Dentalicious™ Doggy Sticks. They include all-natural ingredients that are highly effective in canine dental care – coconut oil, parsley, pea protein, and peppermint oil, to name a few. The treats have been designed with raised ridges to help fight plaque and clean hard-to-reach areas with little to no fuss on the owner’s part.


Calming Chews

If you have ever owned an anxious dog, you may know how hard it can be to find food they will consistently eat. That means that trying to give a pill or supplement broken up in food can be next to impossible, leaving few other options to address their anxious behaviors. Alpha Paw Calming Chews are an all-natural alternative to typical options that canines adore.

The chews are fast-acting, making them an excellent option in any situation where your dog may begin to exhibit anxiety. Some stressors can stem from separation anxiety, car rides, storms, and loud noises such as fireworks. Anxious behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, licking, scratching and, hyperactivity can be relieved with these tasty chews. The treats contain no artificial colorants or preservatives and contain all non-GMO ingredients.


Hip and Joint Chews

As we all know, prevention is the best medicine. The same is true for our four-legged friends. For dogs, one of the most important preventative measures is caring for their hips and joints. Providing them daily, balanced supplements and helping them maintain a healthy weight are the two best ways to do so.

Unfortunately, we’ve all tasted vitamins. They are less than pleasant. That’s why Alpha Paw Hip and Joint Chews are optimized to be beneficial and delicious. They are jam-packed with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin, and MSM – all wrapped into a delicious peanut butter flavored chew. Keep your pup playing their favorite games for as long as possible.


Omega Chews

As mentioned above, prevention is the best medicine. That is why Alpha Paw has designed a whole line of chews to provide your canine the best possible quality of life. Next in line are Omega Chews, providing the perfect balance of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as biotin, kelp, and vitamin C and E.

The chews come loaded with the highest quality natural sources of these essential fatty acids. Some sources of these acids are Wild Alaskan salmon oil, salmon, and flaxseed meal, to name a few. An irresistible salmon flavor means the chews will be tantalizing to even the pickiest of pups. That means you’ll never have to worry about struggling with getting what they need to have their fluffiest coat and healthiest heart.


15 in 1 Multi Chews

Perhaps you are looking for a single chew that does it all. Sometimes our best friends need a little extra boost in their diets to ensure they’re getting everything they need. That’s where the Alpha Paw 15 in 1 Multi Chews are the perfect treat.

From nose to tail, this chew is here to support your dog in every possible way. Digestive system support,
cognitive functioning, anti-inflammatory support, fiber source, vision support, and eye health are just a few. The chews are neither heat nor water treated to maintain the integrity of every raw ingredient – providing the highest quality support to your furry friend. Paired with our proprietary peanut butter flavor that dogs adore, these multi chews will keep your dog happy and healthy throughout their life.


Victor Doggy CookiesTM Blanket

A very popular product to have when traveling with your
dog is the Cozy Calming Blanket. When on the road and
traveling to new places, a sense of familiarity will do
wonders for relieving your pet’s stress.

Victor Doggy Cookies are made with all-natural ingredients and come in two flavors – Apple Madness and Bacon Temptations. These doggy cookies contain no icky preservatives, added sugar, or salt. Unlike the other treats listed above, Victor Doggy Cookies benefit dogs in an entirely different way.

For every bag of cookies sold, a meal is donated to a shelter dog in need. With over 3.3 million dogs passing through shelters every year, that makes for lots of hungry pups. Dogs large and small won’t be able to resist these woofin’ good treats and, you’ll be helping other pooches in need.

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