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New Arrival!

Stairwedge - Modular Stair Ramp for Any Staircase

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TURN ORDINARY STAIRS into a joyful ramp for our cherished small dogs, puppies, seniors, and all our beloved four-legged friends! StairWedge ensures their safety, putting a halt to risky stair-chasing, allowing your pets to embark on epic adventures unharmed.

Save 15% with code: SUMFUN15

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  • Use Indoors or outdoors
  • Soft Grip Carpet
  • Holds dogs up to 200lbs
  • Prevent ivdd and injuries

Say goodbye to stair-related worries with the innovative StairWedge! Designed to seamlessly integrate into any staircase, this cleverly crafted wedge transforms ordinary steps into a safe and inviting ramp for your cherished pets.

Will it fit? Check before you buy

Stairwedge is 10 inches long, along the base, which fits the most common stair length (where your foot steps). Stairwedge is 6 inches tall, which means it will work for most stairs, which are 7 inches tall. Stairwedge is 9 inches wide, which allows plenty of space for those who wish to simply use the stairs. Before you buy, confirm your stairs are not outside of the typical staircase dimensions.

Stairwedge Features

DOGS OF ALL SIZES now conquering stairs is a breeze with no drama or hesitation. Introducing joyful pet ramps and delightful doggie steps specially designed for our smaller dog companions.

SOFT GRIP CARPET says hello to paw-friendly bliss! StairWedge is a caring companion for our little buddies, boasting a non-slip carpet surface. Let the joy unfold with these delightful pet stairs designed just for small dogs.

BOOST CONFIDENCE AND SAFETY and bid farewell to 'stairs-gone-wrong' moments! StairWedge has their backs, literally, offering support to reduce IVDD concerns with gentle movements. Experience worry-free descents with these lovingly crafted puppy stairs.

EVEN FOR CATS can join the fun with the stairwedge! While cats make their own rules, the stairwedge ensures comfortable mobility. Introduce happiness with specially crafted cat steps and stairs, perfect for old cats and adored pet stairs for cat companions.

🐾 MAKE TRAINING FUN! 🐾 Before you buy this awesome Stairwedge, remember: your furry friend might need a bit of doggy patience as you train them! It's a learning adventure, filled with love, treats, and encouragement. If you're ready for some 1-on-1 tail-wagging time, let the stairwedge joy begin!

🌿 ECO-FRIENDLY ALERT! 🌿 Before you purchase a Stairwedge, remember it's crafted from cork oak trees! Embrace the initial few days of "earthy smell" as a sign of its natural origins – it's safe for you, your pets, and our wonderful planet. In just a few days, the fresh smell will go away and mark the beginning of mobility for your beloved pets! 🍃

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