Uncovering The Ragdoll Kitten Personality: The Purr-fect Companion

When you’re looking for a perfect companion, your best bet is to adopt a ragdoll kitten from your local animal shelter. Thanks to their sweet and sensitive nature, ragdoll kittens make the perfect addition to any home.

If you’re interested in the ragdoll kitten personality, this article will help you learn more about this breed and find out which ones would be the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

Let’s dive right in!

Approximately How Long Does a Ragdoll Stay a Kitten?

Ragdoll kitten

Ragdoll kittens are considered kittens for an exceptionally long time. Most people think that a kitten is only a kitten until they’re 6 months old, but it can actually last up to 2 – 4 years.

This is because they grow so slowly and take much longer to reach their full growth potential, whereas other breeds like Siamese cats will be fully grown in half the time.

Physical Growth of a Ragdoll Kitten

Ragdolls are a large breed of cats who tend to grow slowly, reaching full size anywhere from 2 to 4 years old. Ragdolls typically reach the following weight milestones in terms of physique:

Ragdoll kitten personality

They’re also known for their fluffy coats, which can range in color from white to cream, ginger and cream, chocolate and cream, blue and cream, silver and smoke, lilac point, and seal point.

What Role Does Nutrition Play in Ragdoll Kitten Personality?

All pet owners should know how important diet can be for their animal companions. In cats, research is showing that the type of food they eat may have an effect on their personality and physique.

Feeding your cat healthy food will help to increase its odds of having a more intelligent, confident, and happy personality.

If you have been feeding your cat low-quality food or leaving their food out all day long, then chances are that they will not be as healthy as they could be.


During their development, it is particularly important to feed ragdoll kittens only top-quality food that provides a lot of protein to ensure that they grow to be big and strong adults.

Once your kitten reaches adulthood, he or she’s going to need different foods again. So always consult with the vet about what they need in order to stay healthy throughout the different stages of life.

What is the Typical Ragdoll Kitten Personality?

Ragdolls are known to be perfect companions for children or anyone looking for a lively pet that will play with them as well as nap with them on lazy days. A ragdoll kitten personality is described as one that loves attention but still likes its space at times.

Ragdoll kittens usually have the following characteristics:

  • Playful and Energetic
  • Affectionate and Cuddly
  • Devoted and Loyal
  • Quick Learner

Playful and Energetic

If you are looking for a playful and energetic feline friend, then look no further. The ragdoll is just what you need to fill your home with lots of love and laughter. They are always ready to play with their favorite toys, chase a laser pointer, or wrestle with their siblings.

Affectionate and Cuddly

Ragdolls are affectionate and cuddly, which makes them wonderful companions for your family. They love to play and have a very playful personality.

They will follow you around the house, come when called, and snuggle up on your lap when you’re watching TV or reading a book. Rags also enjoy lounging in sunny spots around the house and catching some Zzzs while stretching out on their backs.

 Devoted and Loyal

Ragdoll kitten personality

Ragdolls are a breed of cat that are considered to be one of the most loyal, and devoted affectionate breeds out there. In fact, they’re often referred to as the dog of cats.

These sweet kitties love nothing more than to cuddle up with their humans and spend all day getting petted. They also enjoy human attention, so it’s not uncommon for them to follow their human around as a dog would.

Quick Learner

It is relatively easy for Ragdoll kittens to be trained as long as you lay down boundaries that they are comfortable with at the beginning. They are trainable to play fetch and give clues in a game of hide-and-seek. You can even train them to perform tricks.

Identifying Bad Traits in Ragdoll Kittens

Ragdolls are known for being one of the most docile breeds of cats. They have a reputation for being friendly, affectionate, and easy to train.

However, it’s not uncommon for Ragdoll kittens to exhibit a few less desirable qualities, if these are not addressed, these traits will persist into adulthood.

Following are some general traits that can be considered bad for a Ragdoll cat’s personality.

  • Susceptibility to Stomach Problems
  • Tendency to Over-groom
  • Risk of Separation Anxiety

Susceptibility to Stomach Problems

If you are considering adding a ragdoll kitten to your household, be aware that they have some specific needs. Ragdoll kittens are larger than other breeds and need more food to grow properly.

Additionally, they can be sensitive and develop gastrointestinal problems if they don’t get enough food or if the food is too rich for their system. They may refuse to eat certain types of food as well, so it is important to find food that agrees with them.

As their stomachs are sensitive, eating too much is often a bad idea for them, leading to symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Cats showing any of these symptoms should be taken to a vet as soon as possible. The sooner they receive treatment, the better off they will be.

Tendency to Over-groom

Over-grooming is a problem that can occur in any breed but is especially prevalent in Ragdolls due to their long hairy coats.

If your kitten is showing signs of over-grooming, it’s important to discourage this behavior as soon as possible to avoid a long-term bad habit that can be hard to break.

Though this is fairly normal behavior in Ragdolls, you should watch out because it may lead to:

  • Sore patches on the skin
  • Hairball issues

They also shed throughout the year and are known for losing large amounts of hair at once. Sometimes, this can be a sign of an underlying health issue or it can just be an unusual way that the Ragdoll was bred.

Risk of Separation Anxiety

Ragdolls are known to have a high level of separation anxiety. For example, if you leave your ragdoll at home and go out for just an hour, they may show signs of depression when you return.

It can be tough to know how to respond in these situations because it can be difficult for us humans to understand what our pets are thinking. However, there are ways that you can help ease their anxieties and make them feel safe again.

How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Ragdoll Kittens?

Ragdoll kitten personality

Separation anxiety is a common occurrence in young kittens who are not yet accustomed to being left alone. If you are just adopting or purchasing your kitten and it starts to show signs of separation anxiety, there are a few things you can do to help make this easier on both of you.

  1. One way to address your cat’s separation anxiety is by training them to trust you will always come back even when you go away.
  2. When you get back from work or whatever outing you went on, spend time with your ragdoll first before doing anything else. Cuddle with them, pet them, etc., and take this time to unwind from your day too.
  3. If possible, get someone else close to them (a friend or family member) to come over so they don’t feel too lonely.
  4. Another solution is to invest in a pet sitter, or cat caretaker so that your new cat does not have to be left alone for long periods of time.
  5. Give them a favorite toy or blanket that smells like you so they can have something to snuggle with while you’re away.
  6. Always keep a close eye on whether or not your ragdoll is showing any signs of distress as soon as you come home.

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Ragdoll Kitten

A ragdoll kitten is a sweet, loyal, and playful companion. To help you decide if a ragdoll kitten is a right pet for you, here are some things to consider before adopting one:

Are You a Cat Lover?

If so, then this may be the purr-fect match for you! The very nature of these cats makes them fantastic companions because they love people so much! However, if you don’t like animals then they probably won’t do well with you either.


A ragdoll kitten may not be a good match for someone who isn’t home much. If you are looking for something that will spend most of its time in a cage, this cat is probably not the best choice.


A ragdoll kitten needs lots of care, attention, and affection in order to thrive. These cats need quality time every day from their owners.

Size and Space

A full-grown ragdoll can weigh up to 20 pounds, so if space is an issue, it’s best to think about how big your new family member will get before bringing him or her home.


As with any animal, there are certain health risks associated with ragdolls that potential owners should know about prior to adoption.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ragdolls are a breed of cat that is typically friendly and docile.
  2. They are also known for their tendency to go limp and relax when they get picked up, hence their name.
  3. They will be happy to follow you around the house, often acting like a dog in that regard.
  4. Some of them might have bad habits, such as over-grooming and separation anxiety.
  5. Before adopting a cat, consider your lifestyle and speak with your vet.

Pro Tip:

It can be very stressful and concerning when a beloved pet is not feeling well, so it’s worth it to get pet insurance to make sure you can cover the veterinary bills.

Importance of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a great way to protect your animal’s health. It can be hard to predict when an accident will happen, but with pet insurance, you’re covered.

There are a few different types of plans depending on your needs, and it only takes minutes to get coverage for your pet.

Some pet insurance companies will even cover 100% of veterinary expenses. So make sure to choose the best pet insurance plan for your furry friend.

Once you have a plan in place, vet bills will never be too high because they’ll already be covered by the policy.

It’s important that we all take care of our animals’ safety and well-being so they can enjoy their lives just as much as we do ours.

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