You Can Make Another Dog Just From Their Fur… Literally March 22, 2022

You Can Make Another Dog Just From Their Fur… Literally

As most dog parents know, dogs shed. Some shed more than others.. and some shed so much that you can get creative with their fur. And for some pet parents, the fur just won’t go away, even if the best fur remover is used. So, what to do with all the hair?

These dogs’ parents probably had a little too much fun with

An Exact Replica

A Masterful Disguise

My dog sheds a lot, so we made a wig for her. We think she should run for president.

Enough For A Pillow




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That’s Another Sleeping Dog…right?

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Say Hello To My Babies.. Cough.. I Mean My Fur

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Must Resist Jumping Into Fur Pile

Dog shedding crazy


The Masterful Self-Pawtroit

Shedding pup 10 900x675 1


How To Make Your Own Friend 101

My dog sheds so much, I did this with the fur


Have a dog that sheds everywhere? This Magic Fur™ Remover is like your own personal magic wand. Wave it over your furniture, car seats, and clothes to make the fur disappear.

Before and after

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