10 Ways Children Can Help with Pets

10 ways children can help with pets
Adding a pet to the family is an exciting prospect and an opportunity to teach responsibility to children early on. When children are excited about a new pet, they’re often interested in learning how to involve themselves with their care. Below are 10 ways children can help with pets that you welcome into your home.

10 ways children can help with pets

1. Meal Time

Helping with mealtime is an activity that a child of almost any age can do. Whether that is putting kibble in a bowl, stuffing away treats,  puzzles and toys, or preparing a bowl of dog food. Most of these tasks can be done in areas separate from the pets, allowing for a safe and uninterrupted opportunity for the child to help.

2. Water

Fresh, clean water is a necessity for any pet. Just like feeding pets, monitoring and topping off water bowls is a simple task that kids of any age can help do. Setting designated times of day are an efficient, routine way to help kids remember when to change the water. They can also learn about dog hygiene by helping to fill the water bowls with  Alpha Paw’s magic mouthwash for dogs.

3. Brushing

Most pets can benefit from regular brushing to help remove shedding fur and distribute natural oils for a healthy coat. It is an ideal opportunity for your child to learn how to interact with your pet while also taking care of a necessary chore. Once the brushing is done, they can help by using the Alpha Paw’s magic fur remover. It’s simple to use and does an amazing job of removing fur!

4. Bathing

Along with regular brushing, pets should receive regular baths. It is a job for parents and children to do together or for older children to do with supervision. Though this can be a bit more challenging of a task, it will include plenty of giggles and a clean pup at the end. Keeping the fur buddy happy and relaxed is key to a good bathing experience for both pet parents and their four-legged family members and Alpha Paw’s Calming Chews are not only delicious for the dog but also helps them to relax!

5. Poop Duty

Everybody poops, especially pets. Teaching kids the importance of waste clean-up and instilling it as a part of pet ownership is paramount. Setting a schedule for clean-up days helps ensure the job gets done. Children can help by replacing pee pads, picking up their poop during walks, and even helping to wipe their paws and other areas once the walk is over.

10 ways children can help with pets

6. Handling

Learning proper handling is a lifelong skill that will benefit children and pets alike. Showing children how to safely and respectfully interact with the pets will also build trust between the animal and them. Adding in a paw ramp for smaller dogs will help

7. Playtime

Playtime is just as important for pets as it is for children. It is the perfect task for children to help complete. Anything from playing fetch with the dog to wiggling a feather teaser for the cat – you’re going to have a tired crew on your hands. Alpha Paw’s Bouncy Fish toy is perfect for adding more fun to playtime.

8. Training

When adding a pet to the family, there is typically training involved. That may be potty training, behavioral, or even some basic tricks. Teaching children how to train their pets will build confidence and instill responsibility for them and their furry friends.

9. Going for Walks

Not every pet will need a walk. However, chances are pretty good that if you own a dog, they will need them at some point. It will be pertinent to consider the dog size, the age of the child, and overall safety. Older children will typically be the most capable of handling solo walks with the pup.

10. Shower Them With Love

A task for any age – loving a pet. Even the youngest of children can show the family pet love. It is a positive experience that all parties will enjoy.