Taking Your Pup on A Drive? This Simple Product Can Save Your Dog’s Life!

Taking your pup on a drive? This simple product can save your dog's life!

How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Car Ride

Are you planning on taking your pup on a drive? Consider this: More than 80% of pet parents do not have a restraint for their pets when traveling. We restrain our children, ourselves, and even groceries, but we don’t think to restrain our beloved four-legged buddies. That has to change!

We all know the importance of wearing a seat belt. Any time we get into a car, it’s the first thing we do. Unfortunately, the same is not true for our four-legged friends. Though it may seem to be okay to let your dog hop in the back of your car and go, you should consider buckling them in.

Alpha Paw’s safety seat belt and safety seat are two products that keep your pets safe, happy, and comfortable when they’re on the road with. Additionally, if your car is high off the ground, you should consider adding a travel ramp for your dog. Not only will it reduce the stress they put on their backs jumping in and out of the car, but it will also reduce the strain you put on yourself lifting them.

Taking your pup on a drive? This simple product can save your dog's life!

Prevention Now Means Protection Later

Buckling your dog up when you go on your next ride is more than just a safety measure. It could mean another day with your best friend. About 84% of dog owners who take their pup on a drive admit to not restraining them when in the car. Not only does this mean that your dog can roam freely and cause potential issues for you while driving, but in the event of an accident, they will be thrown around in the car.

Car crashes at speeds as low as 25mph can project an unrestrained dog equal to the force of 40 times its weight. No one needs to do the math to understand how scary that would be. The simple addition of buckling them in before hitting the road may mean the difference between a shaken-up pup and something much worse.

Taking your pup on a drive? This simple product can save your dog's life!

Distracted Driving Is Dangerous For Your Dog Too

When distracted driving comes to mind, having an unrestrained dog in your car isn’t typically your first thought. Typically, what comes to mind is texting while driving or fiddling with the radio.  However, when taking your pup on a drive with you, your four-legged best friend also becomes a distraction. 60% of dog owners driving are distracted by their pets and 52% of pet parents say petting their pooches is the reason. This is not an issue to be dismissed.

When you choose to buckle your dog while riding in the car, you can guarantee that both you and your dog will be safer during any unexpected event. Once buckled in, you no longer have to be worried about canine distractions while driving. A restrained dog means a safe trip for all involved.