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Car Safety Seat Belt

Over 200,000 Happy Customers ❤️
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Driving with distractions can put you and your pup at risk so we built our Dog Seat Belt to keep everyone safe while your pup rides in the car. Built for safety, comfort, convenience, and durability, the Alpha Paw Car Safety Seat Belt is perfect for every trip you take together.

  • Seat Belt Clip Fits into any Seat Belt Outlet
  • Tangle-free Swivel Attachment
  • Adjustable Length for Comfort and Safety
  • Keeps You and Your Dog Safe While Driving
  • Buckles Securely and is IDENTICAL to a Human Car Seat Buckle
  • Solid, All-metal Hardware
  • Quick-Release, Extra Durable Carabiner Clip, 850+ lbs Force Tension

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Trust Our Veterinarian Stamp of Approval

Vet Recommended. Pet Approved.

Many pet supply businesses don't take the time to thoroughly research the health implications of the products they sell, much less seek out the medical advice of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine like myself. That's why I'm proud to partner with Alpha Paw – they truly care about the welfare of the pets they serve.

Dr. Ross Bernstein, DVM

Head Veterinarian, Alpha Paw's Board of Pet Experts

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