Would You Drive Without Putting A Seatbelt On Your Child? What About Your Dog?

Would you drive without putting a seatbelt on your child? What about your dog?

Car Accidents

Driving related fatalities are the number one non-medical related deaths across the world. Thousands of car accidents happen every day, and can not only be traumatizing but can leave you permanently injured if you are not doing the simple task of strapping on your seatbelt. The bottom line is when in a vehicle, it’s extremely dangerous to not wear a seatbelt. Pet owners seem to not give much thought into strapping up their pets which is equally as dangerous to them as it is for you. This is an irresponsible decision that pet owners make every day and details/statistics show that in a devastating way. Car accidents can be extremely violent with vectors and forces that can lead to any sort of physical impact injury you can think of.

  • 1.25 million people die each year from car accidents
  • 3,287 deaths a day
  • Car deaths make up 2.2% of the annual death rate

Would you drive without putting a seatbelt on your child? What about your dog?

The Cons To Your Pet Not Wearing A Seatbelt

Car accidents are a frequent, yet unpredictable action that happens on the road. All it takes is one distraction or false move on the road to change someone’s life forever. The best thing you can do to protect your pet is to have them use a seatbelt. When animals are not strapped in with a seatbelt:

  • Become a flying object in your car – This can lead to their body becoming lethal if they end up hitting you or someone in the car
  • Ejected from the vehicle that could send them high into the air, or into more potential danger
  • Become a distraction while you’re driving
  • They can be seriously injured
  • Jump out of the window while the car is moving/stationary
  • End up being killed from the accident

Anything that happens to your dog in the car when they aren’t wearing a seatbelt is ultimately your fault. Dogs do not know that wearing a seatbelt improves their safety. If dogs knew that seatbelts helped with car safety, and were not ignorant about their own safety and others safety, then they would wear their seatbelt.

There are dog seatbelt products available that are very affordable and worth it compared to a potential medical bill. Dogs do not want to be crippled, hurt other people, be hurt, or put other peoples lives in fatal situations.

Would you drive without putting a seatbelt on your child? What about your dog?

Pros To Your Pet Wearing A Seatbelt

By putting a seatbelt on your pet, you are being a responsible owner and demonstrating that you truly are looking out for them in an unforeseen circumstance. No one wants to think about being involved in a devastating accident, but life can come at you in so many different angles and no one is going to make fun of you for being too safe with the ones you love. The benefits to your pet wearing a seatbelt include:

  • No chance to physically distract your driving
  • Will not be a lethal flying object upon impact
  • Can’t jump out of the window and escape
  • Boosts chance of being less injured in an accident
  • Boosts their chance of surviving a car accident
  • Won’t be ejected from the car
  • Show that you care about the safety of your pet who is unaware of potential danger

Would you drive without putting a seatbelt on your child? What about your dog?

People buy car seats for their babies so they can ensure their safety in the car. It is a necessary accessory when they are riding in the car. Toddler car seats don’t come with cars, you have to go out of your way to get it. Dogs can’t sit like humans, so they are always shifting and moving around in the car from the slightest movement and turns.

Riding in a car is not a natural situation for dogs. If you placed a baby in the backseat with a normal seatbelt built into the car they would not be in any shape or form considered safe and secured. When you tally it up, there is only a benefit to getting your pet a seatbelt, so why wouldn’t you want to ensure their safety?


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