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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 133 reviews

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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

133 reviews
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Alpha Paw’s wild Alaskan salmon oil provides premium nourishment for your four-legged friend. Salmon is an excellent source of powerful omega fatty acids, and can be considered one of nature’s original superfoods for dogs and humans alike! It’s extremely beneficial for healthy hips and joints, immune and cardiovascular support, and is an effective anti-itch treatment and dandruff. It improves your dog’s coat texture and sheen and promotes excellent skin and fur health.


How to use Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Alpha Paw for your Dogs?

This liquid oil can be used both to directly moisture your dog’s skin and paws, providing instant relief for dry and itchy skin conditions such as dandruff. Mix it directly into their food (wet or dry) to make mealtime a super nutritious and delicious treat. Most dogs large or small love the taste of salmon, so will devour it in no time!

Key Benefits

  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS - Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids are essential nutritional supplements when seeking to promote your dog’s hip and joint function, immune system, brain and heart health while helping to provide a shiny healthy skin, coat, and joints. Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for dogs is a great source of omega 3 for dogs and delivers a high concentration (in its purest form) of premium EPA and DHA tri omega acids for maximum results over soft-gels and capsules.
  • SKIN & COAT AND JOINT SUPPORT FOR DOGS - Our pure and natural liquid salmon fish oil is an effective anti-itch treatment, providing instant soothing relief from dry itchy skin conditions such as dandruff or any other irritations caused by weather and offers joint support for dogs. Suitable for all dogs old and young alike including those with sensitive skin and fur.
  • A TASTE DOGS LOVE - Most dogs large or small love the taste of salmon, so will devour it in no time! With fish oil for dogs and cats, you can moisturize your pup’s skin from its head to its paws, before adding it directly to their food to make it an all-round superfood that is beneficial to their overall health!
  • NON-GMO - All Alpha Paw supplements (including our dog fish oil) are USA manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and FDA registered factory. We are proud of our premium products, and maintain high standards by rigorously testing to ensure consistent and maximum quality throughout.

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Our pure salmon oil is 100% derived from wild-caught Alaskan Salmon. It’s rich in essential omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids that play a significant role in your dog’s all-around health helping with skin conditions, allergies, heart and brain health, as well as mobility.

Omega-3 is known as an essential fatty acid. The reason why it’s essential is that neither humans nor canines can make it in their bodies. Instead, it needs to come from food. While most commercial dog foods are usually fortified with these fats, both omega-3 and omega-6 are vulnerable to heat damage so their bioavailability declines in the production process. At Alpha Paw we take great care in our manufacturing process and do not use either heat or water. This maintains the integrity of every ingredient.

In its liquid form, our pure salmon fish oil delivers a higher concentration of EPA and DHA tri omegas for maximum results over soft gels and capsules.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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I've personally taken fish oil

I've personally taken fish oil daily for nearly 5 years on the recommendation from 2 physicians of mine. Neuro & knee surgeon. I've felt the benefits in my body. I have 2 dogs, @ 10 - 11 y/o Pointer and a 14 y/o Jack Russell - both of whom dealing with arthritis. I've used Salmon Oil for a few months now, squirting it in their food dish. I've noticed them appearing less stiff; quicker to get to their "feet" at the slightest noise, jumping up onto the couch like they're not supposed to, and enjoying our long walks. Prior to using Salmon Oil, these pups were slow in every sense, they stayed off the furniture, and definitely did not pull on their leashes to get me to hurry on our long walks. They also LOVE the extra flavor and moisture on their food. Win/win.

Vince R.

Our German Shepherd has Symmetrical

Our German Shepherd has Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy and it was recommended to us that we add a fish oil supplement to his diet. This fish oil is perfect because it's the highest quality salmon oil which was recommended, it comes with a convenient pump to dispense it which minimizes the mess, it doesn't smell 'fishy' and our dog loves the taste on his food.

Angela K.

Dogs Love it Great Dane

Dogs Love it! Great Dane, Husky/shepherd mix, chocolate lab/pit bull mix .... They eat it with no problems! All my dogs are rescues - the Dane being newest house member - his coat looked pretty bad. After using this product he looks great! Husky mix is the old timer and has joint issues ... seems to help. Does cause smelly gas and is a bit pricey, but for my babies the benefits out weigh the odors!


My mini schnauzer has been

My mini schnauzer has been suffering from what I thought was demodex mange, but turned out to be allergies. He had scratched some hair out around his eyes due to them. I placed him on this and things seem to be getting better, which tells me it may have been a combination of allergies and perhaps dry skin. With this, he gets moisture from the inside as well as he just laps this stuff up! He loves the taste and I love that he loves it and it's healthy for him.

Nihala M.

My Pomeranian-shih Tzu mix was

My Pomeranian-shih Tzu mix was having a lot of skin issues. Could not get her to stop biting herself and causing sores, but it was not just one area like a hot spot it was wherever she could get to. I had taken her to the vet numerous times and was told it was behavioral. Well I had trouble believing this so started doing my research and read about salmon oil helping skin issues. I took her in and had her shaved down and started the salmon oil. Her being a long hair breed it was hard to determine that her skin was SO dry till she was shaved. With in two days of starting the salmon oil I was able to take her cone off and the chewing stopped. This is not a one time fix for dry skin it is something you will have to continue to give on their food which I don't mind, she absolutely loves the taste. Stand behind this product 100%. Also started giving it to my black lab (Just because) and his coat looks amazing! He is also in love with the taste. If you are having skin issues with any breed I recommend trying this. Not a paid sponsorship, I researched and found this on my own accord.