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Calming Diffuser for Cats

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The Perfect Diffuser to Ease Your Cat’s Anxiety

Introducing the original Calming Diffuser by Alpha Paw. It is a clinically proven, all natural, Veterinarian recommended solution to help calm and relax your cat at home.

Cats experience anxiety that can be triggered by various situations such as: loud noises, being home alone, new visitors and other uncertain situations.

Anxiety left untreated can build up stress which can lead to behavioral problems, loss of appetite, and a shorter life span overtime.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Natural Pheromones
The Calming Diffuser helps your feline friend through the release of pheromones, which has been proven to naturally calm and comfort your cat.

Risk-Free Guarantee: Free 90-Day Returns

Real Cats. Real reviews. Real life.

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