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Our Impact


We’re Taking
Responsibility for Our Future

Every single member of our team of passionate pet parents is dedicated to our mission, shares our values, and believes in our purpose. That’s why we’re rolling up our sleeves and working towards our vision of a more pup-friendly planet.

Building a better world for dogs isn’t just something we like to bark about – it’s the driving force behind everything we do, it’s what motivates us to get up for work every day, and it’s a movement we’re proud to be a part of.

Here are a few ways we’re making the world a better place for dogs:



We're doing our part to protect the environment with sustainable products & eco-friendly packaging. That means your purchase isn’t just good for the health of your pet – it’s good for the health of our planet, too.


Product Responsibility

We use only the highest-quality materials and premium ingredients, and everything we touch gets the medical stamp of approval from an expert before it reaches your hands. That’s our promise.


The Alpha Paw Foundation

We couldn't be more excited to launch The Alpha Paw Foundation, our very own charitable foundation aimed at finding loving homes for as many rescues as possible through volunteering, donations, and events.


We’re Reducing Our Carbon Paw Print

Our Promise to Protect Our Planet

From sustainable packaging to biodegradable products, we’re committed to protecting our planet for future
generations of dogs & dog lovers.


We combined our love for all things dog with our drive to become more environmentally responsible when we came up with the design for our eco-friendly packaging.

The boxes we use to safely package our products are made from cardboard and are 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable - no nasty synthetic additives, no coloring, no glue. Because at Alpha Paw, we only offer honest, high-quality products delivered straight to your doggy door in packaging that’s good for the planet. That’s right: this is shopping you can actually feel good about!

When you shop with Alpha Paw, your purchase isn’t just made from premium materials & ingredients, it’s also good for the health of your pet and the health of our planet. Just one way we’re helping build a better world for pups.

The Alpha Paw Foundation

We Don't Just Talk the Talk. Grab Your
Leash - We're Walking the Walk

Our Initiatives for Impact

We’re proud of the team members that make up The Alpha Paw Pack. Our employees generously give their time, resources, and talent to nonprofits in order to help animals in need – and charitable giving is ingrained in our culture and is central to our brand identity. To support our employees’ passion, we pledge to partner with our pack, match their generosity, reward their selflessness, and encourage their efforts. Together, our potential for impact is a force to be reckoned with.


We’re serious about our commitment to improve your pup's quality of life. And while we could cut a check with a vague portion to an undisclosed pet charity to trick you into believing we share similar values, that’s just not who we are. We stand for honesty, integrity, transparency, and trustworthiness.

That's why we couldn't be more excited to launch The Alpha Paw Foundation, our very own charitable foundation with the sole mission of making this world a better place for pups. Here's how:

  • Partnerships:

    We're proud to partner with local & national non-profit organizations, animal charities, dog rescues & shelters.

  • Volunteering:

    Our passionate team already volunteers their time on a regular basis – we just decided to make it official. We're planning company-wide volunteer days each month where we skip the office and spend the day helping out at local rescues & shelters.

  • Events:

    We host amazing adoption events and donation drives to find loving forever homes for as many rescues as possible.


We Only Use Premium Materials &
Vet-Approved Ingredients

Our Pledge to Product Responsibility

We strive to find innovative ways to develop new products that are safe, sustainable, and improve your pup’s quality of life. Because best friends deserve the best.


We expect the best for our pups, and we know pet parents do, too. That’s why we use only the highest-quality materials and premium, vet-approved ingredients to help your dog live a long and happy life.

Our products and supplements are designed under the expert guidance of our team of accredited pet experts and veterinary practitioners using the latest advancements in pet nutrition.

We’re proud to follow the strictest safety and health standards, and we look forward to the routine inspections of our production facility, wearing our top marks as a badge of honor.

That’s why pets love us and pet parents trust us: At Alpha Paw, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing everything we sell is safe and effective – after all, every product you'll find on our site was formulated by certified experts, approved by our board of veterinarians, and tried & tested by our team of passionate pet parents.

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