Bulldog Pitbull Mix Facts

Bulldog Pitbull Mix Facts

I genuinely enjoyed my work not only because I love animals but also since I enjoy helping owners and their adorable pets. Probably the most rewarding experience I found in this journey was the great smiles on the pets’ and owners’ faces. In the previous year, I was given the opportunity to tend to hundreds of dogs and got to share a quick chat or two with each of their owners. Affirmatively, I believe that dogs, like humans, need a caring family with good will and intention, a family living in a home filled with much love and happiness.

Pitbull Bulldog Mix

The Bulldog Pitbull mix is a crossbreed between an American Pitbull Terrier and an American Bulldog, both of which are pets that appear terrifying to some. However, the opposite is quite true: they are hardworking, intelligent, loyal, and lovable. Their undeniable energy and enthusiasm are sure to pick at the hearts of any dog lover and owner looking for a new dog to add to their family. The offspring gets the best traits from both its parents while maintaining a good physique with robust features.

Besides, with the good traits also comes the not-so-good, but the excellent characteristics and talents of the Bulldog crossed with Pitbull surely outweigh the cons.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pitbull crossed with Bulldog

Pitbull mixed with bulldog

  1. It’s inherently aggressive. While all dogs are generally aggressive, the Pitbull crossed with Bulldog takes it up a notch. Often, they attack and bite other animals and children that are unfamiliar to their senses. This mishap happens quite often if the dog is left unsupervised, running around the park without proper vigilance and attention. The owner would have to be genuinely observant and keen on taking the dog outside because its aggressiveness gets quickly out of hand.
  2. It is impatient. Bulldog mixed with Pitbull is hard to control when their energy gets hyped to an extent. They would want to go outside and does not care about the owner’s “me time.” In some instances, the owner would have to get out of their way to please this crossbreed’s enthusiasm-seeking attitude, which would get tiring in the long run.
  3. It is too barky. The barking tendencies of this dog go way up. As such, it can bark loudly quite easier than most dog crossbreeds. With the slightest of sounds or the littlest of unfamiliar voices, this dogs will bark continuously until the noise is settled. In other words, the dog is quickly startled, and sometimes a bit tiresome to hear.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Bulldog combined with Pitbull

Bulldog pitbull mix

  1. It is Affectionate. When the Pitbull combined with Bulldog becomes your new family member, it would be lovable to the fullest. Its affection level reaches high gauges to assure you of the crossbreed’s love for you. One can snuggle and cuddle with this offspring as they frequently want.
  2. It is loyal. The Pitbull and Bulldog parents are well-known for its strict loyalty to its owners, and their crossbreed offspring borrows this well-meaning trait. One will find the Pitbull Bulldog Mix to be close to its primary owner and following their orders. Plus, the loyalty is almost unmatchable because of its protective and strong nature.
  3. It is active. The energy of the Bulldog Pitbull mix is ideal for active owners looking for a dog to bring to an exercise or quick run. With its playfulness and enthusiasm, the crossbreed is sure to accompany one in their morning cardio workout. Also, the dog will more likely force the owner to exercise, which can only bring more benefits than harm,

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Pitbull crossed with Bulldog

Pitbull mixed with bulldog

Typically, a Bulldog crossed with Pitbull has a large head and mouth, large feet proportionate to a muscular body, and a smooth and glossy coat. Likewise, some tend to have broad breast and a firm back structure.

Also, owners have noted its comical mouth and tough smile, which makes it look like it’s smiling at the owner.

Borrowing from both is multi-colored parents, the coating of the Bulldog combined with Pitbull comes in various colors such as black and brown among others.

Below is a table of its defining characteristics and appearance:

Weight 50-100 lbs.
Height About 25 inches tall
Size medium to large, depending on favored parent
Coat Type Short, glossy, and smooth
Coat Color(s) Chocolate, Brown, Black, White, or a mixture of any two or three of those
Amount of Shedding Little to none at all
Eyes Color varies, but they are never white
Nose Short muzzle and black nose
Ears Ears are high on the head,
Temperament Overprotective and reserved. If not trained and socialized properly, it because too aggressive
Hypoallergenic No
Kid Friendly No, unless socialized and trained
New Owner Friendly No
Breed Recognition N/A

Bulldog mixed with Pitbull For Sale

Pitbull combined with bulldog

What makes the Pitbull mixed with Bulldog popular among breeders is its loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate attitude. In addition, it does not shed like most crossbreeds do, marking for less maintenance and grooming required.

Dog owners, especially the new ones, are expected to know more than just the essential traits and appearance of the pups they are choosing. It is likewise crucial for them to consider and recognize that with all excellent characteristics come to not-so-pretty ones, and that should not be a hindrance for them in planning to get one.

Purebreds, unlike their crossbreed offspring, are not as healthy, but their crossbreed pups do inherit most of their most potent diseases and medical complications. One precautionary measure duly advised to clients and customers to make sure that disease-inheritance is taken to a minimum, if not appropriately avoided, is to be vigilant and careful in choosing Bulldog Pitbull Mix puppies that are for sale.

One useful tip is to avoid buying a crossbreed pup from a large pet store or online pet store unless you are 100% sure that they practice ethical breeding methods. This is crucial since it ensures that the buyer is making the right and just circumstances that are presented before them.

In the bigger picture, the penultimate reason for avoiding such a purchase is that often these companies and pet stores conduct large-scale breeding of dogs. It is a method that is indeed far from being animal-friendly and ethical. In this practice, the health of the parent dog is not duly considered for the offspring. In other words, they breed dogs as they so please without taking health, food, and safety much into consideration.

The customer is thus recommended to buy from reputable local small-scale dog breeders who allow their constituents to check out their dog parents’ medical records as well as kennel operations. A respectable and reputable breeder is one who is transparent about their methods. It is crucial for you to check if the breeding facility is safe and spacious enough for the animals to roam around and have fun.

The transparency of the local breeders must also extend to the dogs’ records. If they are indeed trustworthy, they wouldn’t mind showing you their stock of genetic health conditions and issues to their customers. You can ask them for a copy of the background data of each purebred parent and genetic mapping of the crossbreed offspring for reference.

Here are some online sites to get you started on your pup search:

Across the state, you can only fin local breeders and animal shelters. Most likely, in one of these shelters, one might find a Pitbull Bulldog Mix looking for a lovely new home.  Below is a list of American Pitbull Terrier and American Bulldog breeders:

  1. Grand Future Kennel (with shelters in LA, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Indianapolis, etc.)
  2. Villa Fournier American Bulldogs
  3. BullPull American Bulldogs (Baltimore, MD)
  4. Pure Power Kennels
  5. Sinnoma Coast Kennel

There are also search engine websites that are useful to your search. Try opening www.petfinder.com or www.adoptapet.com.

Grooming your Bulldog Combined with Pitbull

Bulldog mixed with pitbull

An American Pitbull Terrier is not an intense shedder, and the same can be said of the American Bulldog. As such, it is no wonder that the smooth and shiny coat of the Pitbull combined with Bulldog does not shed profusely and does not require high maintenance.

Due to the shortness of their fur, you do not need to brush the crossbreed’s coating every day. Use a soft bristle brush at least once or twice a week, but no more than four days.

However, during shedding season, the fur of the Bulldog crossed with Pitbull does shed quite often. When this occurs, it is recommended to brush their hair and coat daily.

Shampooing your Pitbull crossed with Bulldog is not necessary because too much of it would cause the pup’s skin to dry up. Instead, one can use a damp washcloth to wipe the dog every now and then. This method can help get rid of some loose fur and keep them clean.

The full bath should be given only once a month since their coat needs all the natural oils on the skin. In any case, whether patting them down or bathing, the following vital areas need focus:

  • Foot pads and paws
  • Tail and the region around the anus
  • Eye region, especially the eyelids

As a common practice among grooming dogs, teeth brushing is required not only for good oral hygiene but especially for the prevention of irksome dental complications. The ears must also the center of one’s focus. Regularly check the ears for redness, wax buildup, and nasty ear mites.

The nails should also be trimmed to get their claws and scratches off of your home’s furniture. Note, however, that when trimming, one must practice care and accuracy to avoid complication and infection.

Pitbull mixed with Bulldog Health Problems

Pitbull combined with bulldog

It is common knowledge to all dog breeders that all crossbreed offspring of purebred dog parents inherit their parents’ health conditions. Nevertheless, the Bulldog crossed with Pitbull’s vulnerability is subject to an array of different factors to be considered.

In any case, an overview of the dog parents’ medical history and common ailments to determine their pup’s overall health.

The English Bulldog, having a life span of 6-8 years, has many health concerns than most purebreds. For instance, its snorting may sound funny, but it’s actually a product of unruly genetic misalignment called brachycephaly, which causes serious respiratory complications. Other dilemmas include hip dysplasia, screw tail, cherry eye, among others.

The English Pitbull Terrier is the healthier dog parent in comparison. Also facing possible hip dysplasia concerns, this purebred is known to experience allergies, mange, and skin infections.

As such, in an overview of things, the Bulldog mixed with Pitbull requires much medical attention and involves a ton of payment for vet bills. Depending on the favored parent, there is no telling if the crossbreed would face many or fewer complications. In any case, it’s better to be prepared with any illness.

Here are some of the Pitbull mixed with Bulldog’s common ailments:

  • Skin problems. Prone to allergies, the Pitbull combined with Bulldog borrows its skin complication from the Pitbull parent. Prevention of these diseases means regular washcloth wiping and avoidance of typical allergen-containing and grainy food.
  • Hip Dysplasia. A common problem among short-legged dogs, hip dysplasia, plagues the crossbreed’s latter lifespan. A significant focus on diet and exercise is enough to help prevent this painful joint displacement.
  • Heart disease. Any bull breed is known to face heart complications such as congenital heart disease among others. There is no sure fire way to prevent it other than early detection and treatment.

Bulldog mixed with Pitbull Food Requirements

Pitbull crossed with bulldog

Since it barks frequently making it exhausted throughout the day, the Pitbull Bulldog mix needs to consume at least 2 ½ to 4 cups of dry dog food per day.

Check for foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, Glucosamine, and “meat” in them to develop strong bones and prevention of hip dysplasia complications. Once found, divide the meal portions into at least two meals per day with equal serving.

Carefully observe your Bulldog crossed with Bulldog’s diet by feeding it dog food with high-quality protein and meat.

You can also incorporate giving of treats and scheduled feedings that and intertwined with free feeding at least once per week to keep things new for the pup. This is to ensure that your dog does not grow into being obese, which raises complication for hip dysplasia.

Likewise, the right mix of minerals and vitamins must be consulted with the veterinarian. Depending on their recommendation, incorporate the intake of these supplements either to the food or medicine administration intermittently.

For the Bulldog combined with Pitbull, owners should focus on purchasing dog food rich in chronodotin or glucosamine. These nutrients are crucial in preventing hip dysplasia complications. Luckily, the market is filled with high-quality dog food that one can easily find. You can even ask your local pet store or dog food provider for products with these specifications.

Here are some of the Pitbull Bulldog mix’s recommended dog food:

  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • Dog For Dog Food
  • Nutra Thrive dog food supplement
  • Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. Packed with lean meat from bison, this dry food is ideal for your Bulldog mixed with Pitbull’s daily protein needs. Accompanied by vital amounts of Vitamin C and E, this gluten-free product is present with L-carnitine to help convert the dog’s fat into lean muscle mass and energy. The dog would surely love the unusually good flavor of blueberries, apples, spinach, and cranberry added into the mix.
  • Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken and Oats Dry Dog Food:  This dog food is well known to include a rich level of glucosamine. It is made with free-range chicken without added growth hormones to provide your dog with the necessary amino acids which help define muscle tone and fiber. It also has fiber from real vegetables and real fruit, both of which support great digestion and intestinal health. The vitamin E found in this dog food will keep the connective tissues of the muscles strong and prevents the loss of the elasticity of your dog’s skin and muscle
  • AvoDerm Natural Senior Health+ Dog Food. When your Bulldog crossed with Pitbull reaches its senior age, you can start feeding it this grain-free dog food with lamb, chicken, and salmon as its main ingredients. Free from any form of preservative, this dog food contains avocados which support a healthy coat and skin and battling the possible skin complications. More so, it is filled with antioxidants that support healthy joints, brain function, and immune system. What’s more, this dry food is designed to be gentle even on the dogs with the most sensitive digestive system to promote digestion.
  • Wellness Complete Health Senior Debone Chicken and Barley Recipe Dry dog food: What this fresh-tasting meal consists of is carrots, apples, blueberries, deboned chicken, and spinach. Such a formula is perfectly designed to fit a dog’s need in building strong bones and joints. Not only does this provide an answer for those joints, but it also stocks the fibers from berries and vegetable for their natural bowel movement.
  • The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food. If you want a grain-free and GMO-free product for your Bulldog combined with Pitbull pup, then Honest Kitchen’s dry food is what you’re looking for. Not only is this product suitable for those dogs with sensitive digestive systems, but it also is deprived of any form of hormones and preservatives to maintain its natural aspect. The dehydrated dog food also has nutrients, and vitamins derived from fruits and vegetables such as apples, sweet potatoes, and others. Besides, Honest Kitchen prides this unique product as being the first dog to be 100% human grade, so it’s worth considering.

To ensure your pooch is a spitting image of health, avoid feeding them with the worst dry dog food and only go for best dry dog food options. Your mixed puppy will thrive on these best puppy food brands, while elderly goggies will get all the nutritional goodies they need for a happy life with the best senior dry dog food.

It doesn’t matter whether your Bitbull Bulldog is big or small — their diametrically different parents have just as diametrically different palates. Your pooch may have inherited either parent’s taste for their chow. So offer them any of our top picks for the best dry dog food for small dogs or best large breed dry dog food, and monitor their enthusiasm. Once you figure out what they like better, stick with it! To be on the safe side, consult with your doggo’s vet before you switch them to a new food regimen.

Bulldog crossed with Pitbull Exercise Requirements

Bulldog pitbull mix

As an active dog, the Pitbull crossed with Bulldog requires exercise, movement, and activities that stimulate the muscles and bones. As such, it needs the owner to be equally active as well.

On average, the Pitbull mixed with Bulldog requires a 90-minute moderate exercise each day. If the crossbreed I not taken to such activities, they become too easily bored and impatient, possibly ending up chewing furniture or scratching the squeaky floor tiles.

Other less tiring activities such as walking around the neighborhood are recommended for the not-so-active owners. Higher-intensity choices such as jogging, running, sprinting, and playing fetch are likewise recommended.

The agility of this dog is almost unmatchable, and harnessing this ability would be great for the crossbreed. Try incorporating obstacles to jump on while running to keep it at a pace.

Bulldog mixed with Pitbull Training

Pitbull bulldog mix

At first glance, it might seem like the Pitbull Bulldog mix is challenging to train with its robust and relentless face, but the contrary is true: the crossbreed is quite easy to train given the right circumstances.

In training the Pitbull crossed with Bulldog, a positive rewards-based approach is highly recommended. Without this method, the dog would not be as obedient and more likely to be unamused and unenthusiastic.

The treats administered should not immediately replace the food but would only serve as a training snack. Start small with basic sit and lie down commands and work your way up the difficult ones.

It is essential, however, that you recognize when the Pitbull combined with Bulldog is getting exhausted with the training or bloated with the number of treats. Practice and train the crossbreed offspring with much caution and vigilance.

Pitbull mixed with Bulldog and Families

Bulldog combined with pitbul

The temperament of this dog is aggressive, and it does not partner well with visitors. Once it gets a whiff of someone unfamiliar to it, the crossbreed is quick to threaten the unknown individual.

The children who play with the dog would have a good time until the Pitbull Bulldog mix loses patience and becomes too aggressive.

At parties, the bark of the crossbreed would ring terror across the room; that’s why it is important to socialize and train the dog to be considerate and less aggressive at an early age.

If you happen to buy an adult Bulldog combined with Pitbull, expect its temperament to be complicated and near impossible to control. In any case, if the dog knows you well, you don’t have anything to worry about, except the little kids.


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