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  • How To Show Love To Your Dachshund?

    We Know How You Love Your Dachshund So Much.

    However, sometimes, how we show love as humans may not be interpreted in the same way in dogs. That’s why it is crucial that we express our love to our doxies in a language that they understand.

  • How Do Dogs Show Their Love And Affection?

    You know it in your heart that you love your dog.

    However, how do you know that your dog also loves you? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways. You just need to recognize them as their way of show love and affection. To help you know how your pooch shows some love, here are some of the most common ways.

  • How To Love Your Cat Even More

    However, sometimes, you just need a few tips on how to effectively do it. After all, cats, unlike dogs, are unusually independent creatures and if you don’t show enough love, your cat can easily feel withdrawn. However, if you successfully make your cat feel loved, he will show you love as well in the most incredible ways.

    So, how can you make your cat love you even more? Here are some of the best tips you need to remember.

  • Doxie Roadtrip! What Should I Know Beforehand?

    Taking a road trip with your dog can either be a good or bad experience. If you want to make sure it’s the former, then you need to know some things before you hit the road.

  • Is Your Dog a Picky Eater? This Might Be Why!

    A lot of dogs would eat anything tasty and nutritious you serve them – but not your dog. You give your dog food to eat, yet he simply sniffs the food and just leaves it to spoil. Now, it’s time for his next meal, but he hasn’t finished eating the previous one yet.

    When this happens, your dog might be considered a picky eater or what most people would call, a finicky dog.

  • The benefits of Dandelion Leaf for Cats

    You look out the window and see dandelions. What you see are weeds, while your cat might see snacks. While cats are dominantly a carnivore, th...
  • How Social are Dachshunds?

    Dachshunds are just adorable, cute, and cuddly. Thus, it is not difficult to see that a lot of pet lovers would like to have doxie they can call their own.

    If you are one of them and still weighing your options, perhaps, among your biggest concerns is the personality of wiener dogs. Are they sociable? More importantly, will they be okay around your kids?

    These concerns are valid and need to be addressed. For this reason, in this post, let us look at how sociable doxies are and if they would be a great pet with your kids around.

  • How To Know If Your Dog Is Losing its Vision

    Vision is as important to dog as it is to humans. Loss of vision in dogs may be caused by a wide range of problems. It could be part of aging or due to heredity. Sometimes, it could be caused by diseases or physical injury.

    Whatever the cause may be, it is important to know if your dog is losing his vision or not. Since dogs can’t talk and tell us what’s wrong, we must take the responsibility to assess our four-legged friend.

  • The benefits of Thyme for Cats

    Thyme is among nature’s greatest gifts to your cat. This Mediterranean plant is getting popular among pet owners because of its many benefits. If you are considering to use thyme, you would be happy to know how it can benefit your feline friend.
  • Why Therapy Cats are just as Effective as Therapy Dogs

    They are the most preferred animals used for therapy. However, in the past few years, we have seen an increased number of people using therapy cats as well.

    So, we wanted to know: are therapy cats just as effective as therapy dogs? Studies and research show us that the answer is yes!

    In this post, let me give you a few reasons why cats can do what dogs can do when it comes to therapy.

  • Decoding Your Dog's Body Language

    You probably have heard this before: “Actions speak louder than words.

    There’s a lot of truth in that statement and it is certainly true when it comes to dealing with your four-legged friend. If you want to make a deeper connection with your dog, you need to understand his body language. In most cases, what you see tells you more than what you hear.

  • Can Dachshunds be Apartment Dogs?

    Living in an apartment means that you might have limited space. Perhaps, this is the main reason that you are thinking of whether having a dachshund in your apartment is a good idea or not.

    This is a valid concern. After all, as a loving and caring pet owner, we want the best for our doxie. We want to make sure that the place where we live is also a place where your four-legged friend could thrive.