Family Dog Keeps Active Toddler Safe

Family dog keeps active toddler safe

A family dog guardian

This family dog is like the ultimate babysitter! In an adorable moment captured by CCTV, as dad left the home to get into his car, immediately you can tell this isn’t just any pet – he knows exactly when it’s time for playtime and also when it’s best to stay alert.

Fido took it upon himself to stay between the baby and danger. No matter what the toddler does, the dutiful dog keeps him at a safe distance from the running car. Once dad drives away, and all seemed clear, he happily allows the toddler to explore again – while still following from behind protectively.

Family dog keeps active toddler safe
When the toddler spots something offscreen and heads that way, Fido follows along. Later on, we see the toddler heading toward the street. The dotting dog follows and pulls the toddler back to the safety of the driveway and away from the road.

We don’t know if the family dog was trained to babysit the toddler, or if his instincts kicked in, but one thing is certain – this family is lucky to have such a caring, empathic family dog! Hopefully, he is given lots of treats and rewarded with an overload of petting and cuddles for his brave efforts.

Family dog keeps active toddler safe

The benefits of having a family dog

Having a family dog brings numerous benefits to any household. Not only can our four-legged best friend provide companionship and unconditional love, but they also bring the opportunity for physical activity, mental stimulation, and stress relief.

Physical activity and exercise are important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and having a family pet is a great way to help ensure that everyone in the family is getting their recommended daily dose of physical activity.

Taking the dog out for regular walks or playing fetch in the backyard can help keep everyone fit and active. Additionally, many studies have shown that interacting with animals can reduce stress hormones like cortisol which can help improve overall health.

Lastly, having a family pet provides non-judgmental companionship day in and day out. Dogs (and other pets) don’t judge us; they just want to be loved.

In today’s world where we’re often bombarded by negative stressors, it can be difficult to find respite from the pressures of life. However, having a loyal companion like a dog can provide an escape from all of this while providing comfort at the same time.

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