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How Can A Dog Help You Get More Exercise?

How can a dog help you get more exercise?

Your Dog Already Does A Lot for You

He is your source of joy. He is your protector, especially during the night. He keeps you company. He even assists you in finishing up your food! However, have you thought about your dog as your exercise buddy? Maybe, but do you exactly know how he can help you get more exercise, keep your heart pumping, and improve your overall health? In this post, you’ll learn how your dog can keep you moving and going. Read on to learn more.

How can a dog help you get more exercise?

Your Dog Will Help You Walk More

In a study published in BMC Public Health, it was found out that owning a dog offers a huge health benefit to owners. Not only that, but the same study learned that dog owners walk more due to their dog’s behavior, needs, and ability. Dog owners are seen to have an additional 2,700 steps per day simply because of their canine friend. This study is something significant as it is discovered in the past that walking can be as effective as running in keeping sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol level within the normal range. We all know that running helps us burn a good number of calories. With your dog as your running buddy, you can get motivated to run faster and keep up with your friend. Your dog challenges you to even go the extra mile!

How can a dog help you get more exercise?

Bicycling & Hiking

If you have a small dog, you can take your dog for a spin. Get a bike with a basket attached to the front. Put your dog in the basket and let him enjoy the great outdoors with the wind rushing to both on your faces. The feeling of cycling with your pooch makes it a great experience. Pups are not just great for walking, running, biking, but they can make hiking a lot more fun. They can carry light supplies, be your guide, selfie partner, or simply accompany you to reach greater heights. The prospect of sharing a beautiful view with your furry friend can be a great way to motivate you to explore new places.

How can a dog help you get more exercise?


Dogs are natural-born swimmers. You probably heard about the dog paddle. Yes, they invented that too which is a common swimming style among beginners. So, if you like swimming or you’ve been wanting to swim for your health, then get a dog.

How can a dog help you get more exercise?

Dogs Help The Children Active

Alright, so, it is not just you who will benefit from your dog, but also your children. If you have kids, you will be happy to know that dogs are there for them too. Researchers have found out that children who grew up with a dog walked more for about 100 minutes each week and romped and played with their pets for another 200 minutes. As you can imagine, dogs encourage your kids to be more active. With your dog helping you achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, it is inevitable that you will live a longer and even more fulfilling life. Dogs are not just dogs. They are among the most wonderful creatures in the world. They don’t just love us unconditionally and stay loyal to us, but they also bring a lot of physical, psychological, social, and mental benefits. So, love your dog. Give them the love they deserve and they will surely make you live a longer and happier life!

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