How To Safely Play With Your Dog

How to safely play with your dog

We All Wanted To Play With Our Dog

If we are not careful, we may play too rough that we end up getting hurt. Play is supposed to be fun and not dangerous. We make sure our pets are safe in many ways, and it’s just as important during playtime. Learn how to keep playtime safe for them, and you! 

Introduce The Play Vibe

There are times when your dog readily plays with you while there are days they are simply lazy. When that happens, you might want to introduce play slowly.

The reason behind this is that your dog might get stressed out or get aggressive when you suddenly jump into him and play without any warning.

To get your furry friend’s attention, try to get down on the floor and keep your voice high pitched and excited. Try to call his name in a playful manner.

You can show him a toy but do not push it towards him. Shake it a little bit to get him excited and interested. You can drop the toy and pick it up after 2-3 seconds. This trick will encourage Fido to compete for the toy.

How to safely play with your dog

Be Gentle

Whether your dog is big or small, they will surely appreciate it if you’ll be gentle. Sometimes, because of our excitement, we tend to squeeze and hug our cute dog too much. Once he’s hurt, he may try to bite or scratch you just to escape your grip.

Supervised Play

If you have children and small kids at home and they want to play with Fido, you need to supervise especially during the initial phase. While dogs can be friendly, sometimes, their version of having fun may be too rough for your little kids. Don’t allow your pooch to chase kids as they may cause your child to be nervous and stumble.

How to safely play with your dog

You also need to teach your kids how to properly play with your dog. Teach them to be gentle. Don’t grab the dog by its tail, ear, legs, and head. Don’t squeeze too hard and never startle the dog.

Use Toys Safe To Your Dog

It’s nice to give your dog toys too. Just be sure that it is safe. Choose hard, but chewy rubber dog tools. When it comes to rope toys, choose the ones with knotted ends. Balls should be age-appropriate — meaning, don’t give balls that are too small that your adult dog may accidentally swallow. Big balls may not also be appropriate for young puppies.

How to safely play with your dog

Play In A Safe Environment

Your environment plays a vital role in the safety of your dog, family, and yourself. Look around you and see if there are things that could potentially hurt anyone or cause accidents.

For example, in your home, check your floor if it is slippery. Check for things that your dog may bump into and make things fall and break. Hide electrical cords and wires that you and your dog may trip.

If you play outside, make sure there are no sharp or pointed objects lying around. You may step on them and get injured. Don’t play near the road where vehicles may hit you.

Train Your Dog

Your dog should be trained at least to know basic commands. A trained dog is safer to play with compared to dogs who haven’t received any training. If your dog knows how to follow commands such as “stay,” “heel,” and “sit,” then he can be more reliable around people and things.

How to safely play with your dog

Be Responsible And Wise

This article can’t cover every possible situation when it comes to playing with your dog. So, be sure to be wise enough and anticipate what might happen. If you feel that something could lead to accidents later on, then be sure to manage that first before continuing with your play.

Be responsible as well to bring your dog to a place that is safe for you and him. If your dog is known to be aggressive, it would be wise that you don’t bring him around many people until his behavior is corrected.

If you need further help and advice, don’t hesitate to consult your vet. Speak to a qualified pet trainer as well. The more help and knowledge you get, the more fun and safe it would be to play with your precious pet.