August 10th Is National Spoil Your Dog Day!

August 10th is national spoil your dog day!

A Feel-Good Holiday!

What are you doing for National Spoil Your Dog Day? It is fair to say that every day is Spoil Your Dog Day in most homes with a canine.

With this special holiday, we have another reason to pamper our four-legged buddies! Below are some luxurious ways to make your pooch feel extra special!

August 10th is national spoil your dog day!

Give Them A Special Treat!

What better way to tell your pup you love them than a delicious dog treat? And, if that doggy treat is also good for them, it’s a win for both of you!

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Victor’s Doggy Treats are not only healthy, but they come with an added bonus. For every bag sold, one meal is donated to a shelter dog!

Take An Adventure

Does your pup have a favorite park that you visit? Maybe they have a particular trail that they love to explore? It is a perfect day to take them to one of their favorite places.

But of course, be sure to strap them in safely with our safety car seat (and belt), and let the adventure begin!

They will get to stroll and sniff away the day. And you will have a tuckered dog when you return home. You can even bring along some treats for a yummy snack while on the go.

August 10th is national spoil your dog day! (1)

Play A Game of Fetch

Any dog that enjoys playing with toys will love the opportunity to get a new one! Alpha Paw tennis balls are durable, brightly colored, and designed for endless fun!

August 10th is national spoil your dog day! (1)

Doggy Spa Day

Even our furry friends love a good day of grooming, so, spoil your doggo with an at-home spa day! Be sure to include a shampoo session, hair/fur brushing, trim their nails, and add some dental mouthwash to their bowl! Don’t forget the most important part, a nice massage!

August 10th is national spoil your dog day! (1)

Their Favorite Place Is by Your Side

Holidays or not, the best place for any fur buddy is by your side. Some dogs need a little extra help to get there so consider gifting your pup with a dog ramp! Nothing is better than giving your doggos the gift of mobility!

Also, don’t forget about National Dog Day on August 26. It’s another pet holiday you don’t want to forget!

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