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Ohio Boy Protects Police Dogs Through Fundraising

Ohio boy protects police dogs through fundraising

Every Dog Needs Protection

Ten-year-old Brady Snakovsky’s Brady’s K-9 Fund is changing lives across the Cleveland, Ohio area. Brady wants to ensure that all K9 dogs get a protective vest because police dogs put their lives on the line each day to protect humans but do not have any way of protecting themselves from attacks.

The young man wants to change that. So far, 256 police dogs across the Cleveland area received protective vests through Brady’s fund. A K9 named Luca was one of the recipients. When Luca’s handler, Officer Dave Kempski, learned about Brady’s Fund, he was inspired to meet the young man to personally thank him for his efforts. Not surprisingly, Brady was invited Bedford to visit the police department and meet Luca.

Ohio boy protects police dogs through fundraising

Life-Changing Gifts

The meeting took place and it was a very happy experience. Brady was thrilled to meet Luca and know that his efforts to protect police dogs were paying off. Officer Dave and the police department also gave Brady some gifts including a Bedford PD shirt with Luca’s image on the back. Moreover, the department took to social media and shared their appreciation and spotlight Brady’s K-9 Fund.

Ohio boy protects police dogs through fundraising

Giving Back, Saving Lives

The department posted, “We can’t thank Brady enough for what he has done for us and every other K9 he has vested.” There is no argument here, Brady is wise beyond his years and his fund is saving K9 lives! Visit Brady’s K-9 Fund to learn more about his program.

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