Check Out These World Record Dogs! #4 is HILARIOUS

World record dogs

These World Record Dogs Will Surprise You

Have you ever tried to break a world record? It is no small accomplishment! That is why we wanted to feature these 7 amazing dogs that currently hold world records. #4 is absolutely hilarious!

#1. Tallest Dog EVER

This is Zeus. Zeus measured 44 inches tall, which won him the world record for tallest dog. Unfortunately, Zeus passed away in 2014, but he still holds that record.


#2. Shortest Living Dog

This is Milly! She is a chihuahua that lives in Puerto Rico. In 2013, she won the world record for shortest living dog. She is 3.8 inches tall! That’s shorter than most high heels shoes.


#3. Longest Tail on a Dog

This is Keon. Keon is an Irish Wolfhound from Belgium! In 2015, he won the world record for longest tail on a dog! His tail measures 30.2 inches long.


#4. Most Tennis Balls Held in Mouth (told you this one was hilarious)

This is Augie. Augie is a golden retriever living in Texas. In 2003, he won one of our favorite world record titles ever: Most Tennis Balls Held in Mouth. He held 5!


#5. Smallest Service Dog

This is Cupcake! Cupcake is a long haired chihuahua living in New Jersey with her mom, Angela Bain! In 2012, she won the world record for smallest service dog. She is 6.25 inches tall.


#6. Longest Ears on a Dog

This is Tigger. Tigger is a Bloodhound living in Illinois! In 2004, he won the world record for having the Longest Ears on a Dog! His right ear measures 13.75 inches, and his left ear measures 13.5 inches.


#7. Longest Tongue on a Dog

This is Mochi. Mochi is a St. Bernard living in South Dakota. In 2016 he won the world record for having the Longest Tongue on a Dog. His tongue measures 7.31 inches.


How PAWsome Were Those Dogs?

We hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing dogs and their world records! Which one were you most surprised by? Let us know in the comments below.