Why Do Dogs Dig Holes

Why do dogs dig holes

Aah Dogs… They Will Do What Dogs Do And That Includes Digging

Sometimes, their digging activities are just amusing, but sometimes, it can be annoying and even destructive.

As this might be the case, we still love our dog, right? Of course! But perhaps, a question has crossed your mind:

“Why do dogs dig holes?”

It’s time to answer this age-long question and put away all the confusion that we have with this behavior. Here are some of the reasons your dog is digging holes.

They Dig To Have Fun

You may not notice it but digging is such a wonderful and fun activity for your dog. The feeling of dirt in his paws, the smell of earth in his nose, and the anticipation of not knowing what to find in the soil — all those add up to the excitement of digging.

Why do dogs dig holes

They Dig To Feel Good

Like humans, when dogs have fun, they also feel good. Their body secretes happy hormones such as the serotonin and dopamine hormone. Because of these happy hormones, digging can help dogs relieve stress, alleviate boredom, and decrease anxiety.

Sometimes, digging becomes so fun and rewarding that dogs tend to repeat them over and over again.

They Dig To Create A Place To Relax

You probably have seen how dogs love to dig and then lie inside the hole. Sometimes, dogs dig under a tree. With the combination of the tree’s shade and the cool earth he dug, your dog feels cooler during hot weather.

In some cases as well, a dug hole serves as protection from cold and or rain elements especially for dogs in the wild.

Why do dogs dig holes

They Dig To Store Things

Dogs are wise animals too. They know how to prepare for the future by digging holes and storing food there.

This behavior is especially notable in dogs in the wild. For example, the alpha dog of the pack makes sure that every member has food to eat. After everyone has eaten, other dogs would then bury the excess food and bones for later consumption.

Domesticated dogs do not need to hunt and store their food. However, they still have their instinctual behavior to hide things they want to save for later. It can be their favorite treats, toy, or something they want to hide from you or other animals.

Why do dogs dig holes

They Dig To Escape

You have put a fence around your property. Surely, your dog can’t go over your fence, right? But dogs are intelligent too. If they can’t go over it, then they’ll try to go under it.

You might wake up in the morning and find a hole dug underneath your fence. Dogs love to explore the great outdoors. Not only that, but the urge of looking for a mate could drive your dog to really find a way to escape. So, expect that your dog might try to escape and you should have already put extra measures to prevent it.

They Dig To Get Attention

If you don’t give your dog enough attention, he might do crazy things just to get it. One way could be digging. Once your dog learns that he can make you look his way through digging, he would repeat the same behavior.

Be sure to give your dog enough time. A dog loved very well doesn’t have to dig just to get your attention.

Why do dogs dig holes

Should You Let Your Dog Dig?

Digging is a part of your dog’s behavior and it is something you can allow to some extent. If your dog’s digging does not destroy anything or it is just a way for him to have fun, then you can just let him be.

However, excessive digging could lead to various problems. When this happens, you need to discourage this behavior through training. You may also speak to your vet or pet trainer to know the best way to handle this situation.

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