Why Cats (and their owners) Love the Scratchy Ramp!

Why cats and their owners love the scratchy ramp

Why the ScratchyRamp is the Newest Trend for Cats!

Cats everywhere (and their owners) are raving about this new product! From the photo and title, you may have guessed what the product is, as well as the function. However, just in case you didn’t know, or wanted to learn more, we are going to tell you why this product is becoming such a trend in the wonderful world of cats!

Before we get into the “why”, let’s go over the “what”!

What is a Scratchy Ramp?


The ScratchyRamp is a stylish 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher & Ramp, that works as a cat scratcher, while helping assist your cat reach high furniture areas if needed.

It is purrrfect for elderly cats that can’t or shouldn’t be jumping, overweight cats that need extra support, kittens that want a fun new play surface…basically any feline friend!

Now that you know what it is, here are some reasons why it is so loved:

#1. Cats LOVE to Scratch the Ridged Carpeting Surface!

Why Cats Love it: Anyone that owns a cat knows they love to scratch carpet! This is why we chose the ridged carpeting material to cover the ramp, instead of the typical scratchy material you find on cat towers, etc. It is a variation that isn’t normally offered to cats, that they have been missing from their scratching routine! The slanted angle allows 4 paw scratching that cats prefer.

Why Humans Love it: You might still be struggling with your cat(s) scratching your expensive new carpet in the living room or bedroom. Instead of saying “no”, redirect your cat to their ScratchyRamp! This is the solution you’ve been looking for in order to #SAVETHECARPET 

Why cats (and their owners) love the scratchy ramp!

#2. It Makes Your Cat’s Life EASIER and HEALTHIER

Why Cats Love it: Cats are known for their jumping abilities. However, there are stages in your cats life where jumping is either not possible, or it should be discouraged for health reasons. Elderly cats, cats with joint issues, overweight cats, cats with injuries, etc. could all use some help getting on and off furniture to relax. The ScratchyRamp that has adjustable height settings can allow more independence and ease in their everyday lives, especially when their beloved human isn’t home to help them!

Why Humans Love it: We love our cats more than anything. We want them to lead happy and healthy lives. The ScratchyRamp, which can help ease symptoms of, or prevent injuries can also prevent additional medical bills. A happy cat + a happy wallet = a happy human. A ScratchyRamp is not just a fun toy, it is an investment in your hats overall health!

Why cats (and their owners) love the scratchy ramp!

#3. It is FUN For Cats and Easy For Humans

Why Cats Love it: The ramp serves as a new surface for play time! Running up and down, using it to launch themselves onto their fur-friends during cat wrestling time, and hiding underneath the ramp for hide-n-seek play, sneak attacks (haha), or for some extra privacy!

Why Humans Love it: The ScratchyRamp arrives fully assembled, and just as easy as it is to set up, it’s just as easy to fold and store under the bed or couch when guests are over.

Why cats (and their owners) love the scratchy ramp!

It’s Purrrfect

We hope this article helped you understand why the ScratchyRamp is the #1 trending product on the rise in the cat community! Let us know what you think in the comments below, or ask us any questions!


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