Top Reasons Why You Should NOT Get A Pit Bull!

Top reasons why you should not get a pit bull!

Reasons why you should NOT own a Pitbull

Everyone knows Pit Bulls are scary (adorable) and terrible (loving doggos) you should not consider adopting them (unless you want to know what unconditional love is).
Still not convinced? Read below for more details on why Pitbulls are (cuddle) monsters!

You Now Have Another Child

You thought Timmy and Tommy were your only kids? Be ready for number 3, your new Pitbull! Eternally young at heart, he will never stop playing and goofing around. Scared he won’t get along with your kids? You should be more scared that he will! Timmy and Tommy now have a goofier, fluffier, slightly drooly brother they can now blame for eating their homework and finish off those pesky greens that mom forces them to eat every night at dinner.

Pitbull thrive on games and affection, so be ready for plenty of that! (And no, you can’t complain to your pitbull-less friends about him. Can you imagine the conversation? “My dog is insufferable, all he wants to do is play and love me.” Ridiculous.)

Top reasons why you should not get a pit bull!

You Will Never Sleep Alone

The nights when not even your blanket can keep you warm are over. Your overly cuddly Pitbull only have eyes for one person, and that person is you. I hope you don’t mind sharing (most of) your bed, because he’s going for your blanket, your warmth, and possibly your pillow.

You don’t want your Pitbull breathing down your neck lovingly? That’s a fight you will not win. Close your eyes approximately 34 seconds and he will take his chance and climb by your side. Close the bedroom door and leave him by himself roaming the rest of the house? Get ready to fall asleep to the sounds of your loving pup crying, begging for your love and affection, wondering why you don’t love him anymore… See? Now you’re the monster! How does that feel, huh? Don’t be a grinch, sleep with your dog! (And change your sheets regularly, like your mom taught you!)

Top reasons why you should not get a pit bull!

Alone But Never Lonely

Your partner better be ready to share you, and you better be ready to share your partner, because now, you have a kid. A very cuddly attention-craving kid. Best bet? Stay single! And get a pitbull. It will cause you less heartbreak, and you’ll get (almost) the same benefits and then some! He’ll want you to take him to romantic walks to the park, he’ll want you to share your food with him, he won’t care about bathroom privacy one bit and keep your bed warm, falling asleep next to you while you’re sending a last minute email to your boss before drifting off to sleep, lulled by his occasional snoring. The best part? He won’t even complain if you snore or if your breath smells bad in the morning! His might though, so… get ready to be woken up by doggy breath.

Top reasons why you should not get a pit bull!

You Never Knew True Love Before you had a Pitbull

Pitbulls are adorable, loving and caring animals who suffer from a bad reputation given by uneducated and untrained humans. Dogs are only a mere reflection of their owners, and like children, should be taught what to do and what not to do. Pitbulls are no different and deserve all the love and support you can give them. 

Just like any life form, they are a product of their environment. Nothing grows up to be evil in a place filled with good. Pit bulls are extremely loving, thoughtful, and emotional dogs that will provide you with unconditional love.

That is why we support Pit Bull Rescue Central, a virtual shelter for homeless pitbulls that helps educate and re-home pitbulls. For each Beware of Pitbulls tshirt sold, we will donate 10% of our profits to help the foundation and support Pitbull love!

Top reasons why you should not get a pit bull!