The Five Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

The five best dog breeds for seniors

Choosing Your Forever Buddy

Dogs make the best companions and are especially amazing companions for senior citizens who might be living at home and need a little love and joy in their life.

Canine companions are also good for an older person’s health, giving them a chance to exercise. They also lower blood pressure by helping with mental health. When seniors choose a dog, it should be one they are able to take care of and that fits their lifestyle. To help seniors choose a dog, here is a list of the five best dog breeds for seniors.

Bichon frise

1. Bichon Frise

These dogs do not get big at all and grow to be about 11 pounds. They are smart, loyal, loving, and easy to train, which is perfect for a senior. However, they do need frequent grooming so it’s best to take these dogs to a professional to keep their coat sanitary and clean.

French bull dog

2. French Bulldogs

These happy, medium-sized dogs are perfect friends for those who live alone. They grow to be anywhere between 19 and 28 pounds in weight and rarely complain. Fiercely loyal, French Bulldogs do not need frequent grooming and only a moderate amount of exercise.


3. Maltese

Much like the Bichon Frise, these small dogs reach about are perfect lapdogs and grow to be about seven pounds fully grown. They’re playful and smart, as well as extremely easy to train. However, they will need frequent care from a professional groomer.


4. Pomeranian

These adorable little furballs make perfect companions and are only about six pounds fully grow. The ultimate lapdog, they do not need a lot of exercise, but do need frequent grooming by a professional.

The five best dog breeds for seniors

5. Shih-Tzus

Tiny and oh-so-adorable, these dogs make for perfect friends for seniors and can often be seen as nursing home dogs, keeping the resident’s company. They can weigh anywhere from 9-16 pounds full grown and are extremely easy to train.

These are great choices, but don’t let our top list stray you from choosing the perfect companion for your home and your lifestyle. Share your thoughts, what do you think about this list?

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