My Cat Can’t Stop Biting my Fingers! Does He Hate Me?


Cat biting finger

Stop Biting Me!

No doubt: cats exhibit various behaviors and communicate one thing in different ways. For this reason, it could be puzzling to you if your cat can’t stop biting your fingers. You might even think that it’s his way of saying “I hate you!”

Before jumping into conclusion and unnecessarily feeling bad about your cat-human relationship, you need to understand a few things first. Definitely, a cat’s bite is not just about expressing anger, but it can mean a lot of things.

Cat biting fingers

What Are You Doing When He Bites Your Finger?

To know why your cat is biting you, you need to check first what you are doing that led him to react that way.

For example, biting your fingers is one of the ways your cat is trying to grab your attention. If you are ignoring him, he will try a lot of things just for you to notice him and this includes biting your fingers.

Another situation where your cat would bite your finger is if you are playing with him. As you may have noticed, part of your cat’s way of playing is biting and licking. 

Biting during play is even more pronounced and obvious when your cat left his litter-mates at a very young age. Kittens learn play boundaries when they are still young. When a kitten gets too rough, their mom can discipline them or his litter-mates would squeal and stop playing. This teaches your cat to stop playing harshly.

If this is a problem, you can stop playing with your cat and walk away. This should tell your cat that he is being too harsh and you don’t like what he is doing.

Cat biting fingers

What Type Of Bite Is Your Cat Doing?

If your cat is gently biting you and just nibbling with your fingers, it could be a sign of affection. Just like humans, gentle biting is a way to show your fondness to a person. Sometimes, we call this type of bites as “love bites.” They don’t usually hurt and sometimes, it even tickles.

Love biting is a learned behavior of cats. It could be that they learn it from their mother who would sometimes gently bite them, especially while grooming. So, if your cat does this, it simply means that they are showing their love to you in the best way they know.

Now, if you are not bothered by this behavior, you can simply let him do as he pleases. But if you don’t like it, you can gently push your cat’s head away or simply walk away from them.

Don’t scold or hit your cat. Remember, this is a way for your cat to show affection and if you hit him, he may think that you don’t love him back.

If the bite of your cat is painful and may even cause a wound, then that means it’s no longer a play or display of affection. It could be that you have overstimulated your cat. Too much playing or cuddling could put stress in your cat and biting is his way of saying, “stop.”

Cat biting fingers

Does Your Cat Hate You?

After reading this article, you should have a fair understanding of why your cat is biting your fingers. It doesn’t automatically mean that she hates you and it is less likely the reason.

Cats who hate someone does not bite, but simply walks away. If he hates you, he will ignore and begin to be aloof. 

So, there you have it. The next time your cat is biting your fingers, simply check what you are doing that might have led him to act this way. It could be that you’re ignoring him and she needs something. It could be she wants to play with you or just asking for food.

Cat biting fingers

If the bite was painful, overstimulation, being stressed, or simply wanting you to stop what you’re doing could be the reason.

Assess your situation and you will most likely know why your cat is biting your fingers. I hope this helps and it is my sincerest desire that you and your cat would have more happy moments shared together today and in the future.