Is Your Dog In Love?

Is your dog in love?

Is Puppy Love Real?

We often hear it. When a young person falls in love, adults quickly call it, “puppy love.” We use the term to refer to any feelings of infatuation or romantic love that people feel during childhood and adolescence. Puppy love is used to resemble that adoring and even worshipful affection that puppies feel for their owners.

However, you might wonder, do dogs have crushes on other dogs? Do they feel the same attraction that humans may have with others? Could dogs feel infatuated with a dog they knew?

Let’s find out.

Is your dog in love?

Defining What A Crush Is

We all have experienced having a crush on someone. It’s that time when you are happy to see him or her. That moment when you feel like you’re floating in the air as your eyes meet and your skin comes into contact. When you are with him/her, you feel like you have a million butterflies flying around you or hearing birds singing angels’ songs.

We might describe the feeling of having a crush differently, but the common denominator is that it makes us happy, giddy, and excited.

If this is how we define what having a crush means, then do dogs feel this kind of feeling?

Is your dog in love?

Dogs Having A Crush On Other Dogs

If we are going to say that dogs have a crush on other dogs in the same way as we do humans, that would less likely to happen. Human crushes are way too complicated for dogs to completely experience it.

However, dogs can have a crush on other dogs to some extent. Most pet owners would attest to this. Some dogs are just so happy to see each other. Whenever they are together, it seems they are inseparable. They spend most of the time playing, cuddling, grooming, and sleeping together.

Is your dog in love?

According to research, dogs are similar to humans in some aspects of their biological makeup. For one, dogs undergo hormonal and chemical changes just like humans when in various emotional states. Not only that, but dogs are believed to have the emotional and mental abilities of that of a 2-year old child.

Undoubtedly, dogs also have emotions — emotions that allow them to have crushes on others. That’s why, if ever you observe canine couples, you would see that they exhibit affection, love, and warmth to one another. Whether by cuddling, tail wagging, playing, licking, and grooming, dogs show love to other dogs all the time.

Is your dog in love?

More Than Just A Puppy Love

So, can dogs have crushes? Yes, but not fully. If you are going to compare the human and dog experience, we all have deeper and more complex feelings of fondness and infatuation than dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no chance for any dogs to develop puppy love for their kind. With emotions similar to ours, it is not difficult to see how dogs can have crushes, too!