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Is A Shih-Tzu The Right Dog For You?

Shih tzu

The Perfect Lapdog

Small and compact, Shih-Tzus are often thought of as perfect lapdogs, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right breed for you or your family? Find out a little bit about this dog, from its history to its temperament and how much care they will need if you give them a forever home.

An Origin Story Rooted In Royalty

Believe it or not, Shih-Tzus can be traced back centuries into BC years and are among the 15 oldest canine breeds still living on Earth. Their roots can be traced back to Asia where they were the lapdogs of royalty. These purebred dogs are still thought of as “rich” dogs but are found in houses and yards all over America.

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While these dogs offer affection to their owners and almost anyone they come across, they are also quite stubborn and prideful. Be careful with them around larger dogs who do not know their size, as Shih Tzus often do not realize how small they really are.

Shih tzu

A Lovable Size

Shih Tzus weighs in at about 12 pounds fully grown and might look like a puppy forever, Many owners like to keep their hair long, but that can lead to matting, which can be unhealthy for the coat and damaging to the dog’s skin.

If you own a Shih Tzu, remember you will be taking frequent trips to a professional groomer unless you possess expert canine grooming skills yourself.

Shih tzu

The Perfect Companion

Shih Tzus also don’t require a ton of exercise, but will never turn down an opportunity for a walk on a leash or a run in the yard. They will show affection to strangers they meet along the way and consider most humans their friends. Playful, affectionate, and loving, Shih Tzus are ideal dogs for families or single adults and seniors living on their own.

Do you know someone who owns a Shih Tzu? How do you feel about their breed? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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