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How To Love Your Cat Even More

How to love your cat even more

Loving Your Cat Seems Natural To Many Of Us.

However, sometimes, you just need a few tips on how to effectively do it. After all, cats, unlike dogs, are unusually independent creatures and if you don’t show enough love, your cat can easily feel withdrawn. However, if you successfully make your cat feel loved, he will show you love as well in the most incredible ways.

So, how can you make your cat love you even more? Here are some of the best tips you need to remember.

How to love your cat even more

Understand Your Cat

Here’s something you need to realize: cats and dogs are not the same. Some pet owners tend to expect cats to behave in the same ways as dogs do. In reality, they are different animals and they respond to their owners differently as well.

For one, cats need personal space. While they love being stroked and cuddled, there are times when they prefer to be alone. So, don’t get offended when cats are less interested in interaction. This is normal in cats.

Be sure to strike a balance between being too clingy to your cat and giving him a “me” time.

Understanding your cat also means knowing what his body language means. For example, an arched back and upright hair mean he feels threatened. If your cat nudges you, it could mean he wants to play with you. When if he curls his tail around you, it means he likes you and is content.

The more you understand your cat, the better you’ll be able to love him and him loving you back.

Avoid Traumatic Punishment

Animal behaviorists promote positive reinforcement over punishment. When you yell to your cat, use aggressive actions, and hurt your cat, you are just making things worse. Instead of helping your cat develop good behavior, they may fear and distrust you.

Positive reinforcement is deemed to be more effective by many pet owners and experts. By praising and rewarding your cat when he does something good, it helps your cat to be more obedient while lessening undesirable outcomes.

How to love your cat even more

Give Treats

Aside from being useful in reinforcing good behavior, treats are a wonderful way to make your cat happy and loved. Discover what treats your cat likes. Usually, cooked chicken pieces and small tuna flakes are on top of their favorites list. Just be sure to give treats moderately. Save it for special occasions or when you want to reward your cat.

Massage Your Cat

Your cat loves getting stroked and massaged. Of course, you don’t have to be a massage expert. Simple and gentle application of pressure, stroke, and kneading action would make your cat feel loved. You can stroke or massage your cat from nose to tail. Pay special attention when your cat reacts positively to your strokes. Take note of those places, so you know exactly where to touch and massage your furry friend.

Spend Quality Time With Your Cat

Whether it is through playing, watching TV, or simply spending a lazy afternoon together, your cat feel loved when you spend time with him. Remember that no relationship truly thrives without investing time in that relationship. So, be sure to set aside some quality time with your cat.

How to love your cat even more

Let Your Cat Sleep Near You

Do you know that your cat will feel more loved if you let him rest or sleep on your lap? Yes, sleeping takes up a huge amount of time in your cat’s daily life. When you let him sleep near you or on you, you get to have the chance to stay close to him even during sleep.

Remember, your cat is most vulnerable when he sleeps. When he sleeps near you, it shows trust and willingness to be protected by you.

Provide Your Cat With Essential Stuff

When your cat sees that he is well provided, then he feels loved and taken good care of. Give him safe, warm, and cozy beddings. You can also provide scratching posts, toys, and bird feeders outside the window. All these would make your cat happy.

How to love your cat even more

Love Your Cat With All Your Heart

Loving your cat is such a great privilege for many of us. So, don’t waste your chance of having a cat to love because when you do, you will surely have a feline friend you can cherish and share happy moments with.

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