How Do Dogs Drink Water

How do dogs drink water

Have You Ever Wondered How Dogs Drink Water?

A lot of us probably would say no because after all, we already know how, right? Well, you might want to think again.

A lot of us assume that they simply stick their tongue out, lap on the water, and bring the water to their mouth. If you are like most people, this is something that you have always believed in your entire life.

What if we tell you that this common assumption is wrong. In fact, you will be surprised to know that dogs drink water in a way that is completely different from what we thought of. Continue reading this blog and discover something new about your canine friend today!

How do dogs drink water

It’s Bent Backward, Not Forward

When you watch a dog drink water, it seems that his tongue would curl forward to scoop water and bring it to his mouth. However, if you watch closely, the tongue actually curls or bends backward — acting like a small pale to scoop the water.

How do dogs drink water

Sloppy by efficient

It is rare to find a dog drinking from their bowl and not finding water spilling on the floor. It is almost always you can guarantee that dogs would make a small mess when drinking water.

From our perspective, dogs seem to be sloppy and even unorganized when hydrating themselves. But actually, the opposite is true.

Dogs don’t have a full set of cheeks, which you can find in humans, horses, and elephants. Because of the anatomical structure of a dog’s mouth, they can’t create suction to drink. So, they have to rely on their tongue to drink water.

If you see your dog drinking in a sloppy manner, they exactly know what they are doing. Your pooch is doing high-speed, precise movements to bring water from the bowl to their mouth.

Dogs need to build up momentum by moving their tongue quickly. If their tongue is too slow, the water won’t form into a column that would shoot itself inside the mouth. The force coming from the tongue naturally disturbs the water too much, thereby making the mess that you observe.

How do dogs drink water

It’s A Dog Thing

Now, you might think, “How about the cat?”

Well, it turns out, dogs and cats are different when it comes to drinking water. Cats don’t curl their tongue backward as dogs do. They rather use less force and momentum. Cats would only skim and just barely touch the surface of the water. Thus, it’s not surprising why owners would tell you that cats are viewed as cleaner and neater than their canine counterparts.

How do dogs drink water

Observe Your Dog

Now that you know how dogs actually drink, you might want to confirm by closely observing your dog. The next time he drinks, see the incredible science behind the movement and action of his tongue. You will never see your dog in the same way again!