Can Dogs And Cats Get Along?

Can dogs and cats get along?

Polar Opposites?

When we think of archenemies in the animal world, the first thing that may come to your mind is the feud between cats and dogs. The fight for supremacy between these adorable pets has inspired a lot of movies, novels, and even jokes. But is it true that there’s no hope for cats and dogs to get along? Or could it be there might be some reasons that they may become best of friends? In this post, let us take a look at why dogs and cats can and can’t get along. Understanding the reasons behind it could help you bridge the relationship gap between them. So, read on to learn more!

Can dogs and cats get along?

Why Don’t Dogs And Cats Get Along?

The primary reason could be due to the very nature of both animal species. To better understand why dogs and cats are this way, you need to look at how they behave in the wild. Both dogs and cats are carnivorous. This means that they compete for food in the wild. In fact, there are cat species that prey on the dog family and there are also dog species that prey on the cat family.

However, in the wild, the “hate” of dogs and cats is not really limited to each other. Their competition are not just with each other, but with other animals too. In fact, wild dogs and cats may even avoid each other as much as possible and would rather chase weaker and smaller prey. The problem is that when it comes to having both dogs and cats as pets, they have a higher chance of meeting each other in a domestic setting. Since both are considered pets, they can easily run to each other in your home. This means that there’s more opportunity for them to get into fights.

Another reason that dogs and cats may hate each other is miscommunication. Dogs have their own language and cats also do. Both respond differently.
Let’s look at an example. A dog may approach a cat in a friendly manner. However, a cat, who possesses a more solitary temperament, doesn’t want to interact with the dog. In an effort to avoid the dog, the cat may run away. The dog may then interpret this as an invitation to play. The dog would then try to chase the cat, which leads to the classic dog and cat chase. This annoys the cat and the relationship between the two pets would eventually get sour and bitter.

Can dogs and cats get along?

Why Do Dogs And Cats Get Along?

The battle between dogs and cats is not as hopeless as it may seem. In fact, there are a lot of happy and sweet stories about dogs and cats living harmoniously together.

So, why would dogs and cats get along? What could lead them to love instead of hate each other?
The key here is a proper cat-dog introduction. During their first meeting or in any meeting, it is the dog that needs to adjust. If the two would live together, the dog needs to understand the language of the cat since it is the dog that is usually the aggressive one or the one that makes the first move.
There are various ways to train your dog and cat to get along. You can speak to a pet trainer and ask for help. You can also do your research and find specific training exercises to help your pets.

However, one good example of training would be classical conditioning. There are different ways to do this, but you can try to put your dog in a wire crate. Give him food. You can then feed your cat closer and closer to the caged dog. This helps your dog to associate the good feeling of eating to being close with the cat.

Another example would be to have your dog and cat in one room. Have your dog on a leash. Train your dog to move closer and closer to the cat without him jumping or chasing your cat. Whenever he exhibits good behavior, a treat can be given to reinforce good behavior.

Basically, when you establish the right way your dog interacts with your cat and vice versa, peace and unity ensue. With our dog and cat respecting each other and not being invasive or aggressive, you can almost assure that they will love each other.

Can dogs and cats get along?

For Love And Unity

So, there you have it, folks. Don’t think that your cat and dog will never get along with each other. As long as you have the patience and relevant knowledge, you can train both not to hurt, but to love each other.
As was mentioned above, feel free to get in touch with qualified and competent pet trainers. They have the necessary knowledge and skills to help your dogs and cats behave properly. Your vet can also provide some important pieces of advice.
Ask around. The more information and details that you have, the better the result will be.

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