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All the Reasons Why You need a Pet Dachshund

All the reasons why you need a pet dachshund

Wiener Dogs Delight

The Dachshund breed, also known as the wiener dog, has been around for the last 300 years. They were originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs. Their name translates to badger hunter.

Their petite size, adorably long face and feisty personality make them the perfect modern-day pet. In this article, you will find all the reasons why you should add a Dachshund to your family.

Perfect Travel Companion

One of the best things about the Dachshund is their small size. They tend to grow between eight to 9 inches tall weighing around 16 to 32 pounds. This makes them the perfect companion to travel with.


Dachshunds have been known to have soulful eyes and complex facial expressions. When you watch them jump around to play around with their favorite toys, you can’t help but smile. Since they were originally bred to hunt small game Dachshunds are naturally very lively and enjoy chasing things.

All the reasons why you need a pet dachshund

Life Expectancy

When deciding on which furry friend to add to your family, it’s important to know the breed’s health history. Some dogs are more prone to certain health issues than others. Dachshunds are expected to live up to 17 years if they are properly cared for. However, since they are prone to heart disease and Diabetes you do have to watch their diet carefully.

Just Plain Cute

Let’s face it, the Dachshunds are extremely adorable. Their spunky fun attitude, cute short legs and soft fur make them the perfect family pet. They are so loved and adored that they even made Time’s list of 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds. Do yourself a favor and add a Dachshund to your family this year!

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