3 Lessons We Can Learn From Our Dachshunds

3 lessons we can learn from our dachshunds

Our Dachshunds are Constantly Learning From Us, but We Can Also Learn From Them

From the moment our fur babies come home, we are constantly teaching them. How to go potty outside, how to sit and lay down, how to walk on a leash, how to socialize with other pups, etc. The list could go on and on.

What we don’t generally stop to think about, is how much they actually teach us.

Here are 3 Lessons We Can Learn From Our Dachshunds:

Lesson #1: How to Live in the Moment

Dachshunds live in the present. They don’t hold grudges about the past, and they don’t worry about the future. If they are feeling anxious while you’re away at work, the moment you walk through the front door their tails start wagging once again.

Anybody who has watched Dachshunds play at the park can tell that they are carefree. They aren’t worrying about relationship problems, future issues that may or may not occur; they are simply happy to be there.

If we can learn to be more present, not worry as much about past or future events, then hopefully we can feel just as happy as a Dachshund at the park!

3 lessons we can learn from our dachshunds

Lesson #2: How to Appreciate the Little Things

Sometimes in life, humans have a tendency to base their happiness off of the things they have. The perfect relationship, a lot of money, the trendiest clothes, etc. However, if you’re constantly looking for ways to be happy by reaching some big destination, you can forget to appreciate the little joys in life.

Dachshunds are the exact opposite. They find joy in the the smallest things throughout the day. A walk around the block, a bird to chase, a treat to eat, a mud puddle to roll around in…

Just like our Dachshunds, if we can learn to find joy in the small things along the way, then the destination will not be the source of our joy, but rather, the cherry on top of the happiness we find in our everyday lives.

3 lessons we can learn from our dachshunds

Lesson #3: To Love Unconditionally

Dachshunds feel love for others. Just like humans, they release a love chemical called Oxytocin when they are around their favorite humans and doggy friends. However, unlike humans, that love doesn’t ever come with conditions. Not to say all love does, but sometimes, humans have a natural instinct to love others based on a variety of factors that simply don’t apply when it comes to a Dachshund’s type of love.

They don’t judge based on appearance. They don’t keep track of wrong doings. They don’t hold grudges. They aren’t spiteful. They are always loyal. They will love you regardless of your faults.

If we can learn to love unconditionally like Dachshunds do, then we can give the people around us the same warm and fuzzy feeling our Dachshunds give to us.

3 lessons we can learn from our dachshunds

We hope you enjoyed reading this. We would love to hear any additional lessons you’ve learned from your Dachshunds in the comments below!

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