3 Tips to Make Life Easier for your Senior Cat

Senior cat care

Do You Have A Senior Cat?

Did you know that cats are actually considered to be “seniors” at about eight years of age? As they age cats face a variety of ailments that come with being a senior – arthritis, high blood pressure, and kidney disease to name a few…

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When this stage of life happens it’s important to make sure they see their vet at least twice a year to keep track of changes in your cat’s behavior, even minor changes. This is because those small behavioral changes are often signs that something may be changing in your cat’s health.

Cat ramp

3 Tips to Make Life Easier for Your Senior Cat:

#1. A Change in Diet

Just like humans, a cat’s dietary needs gradually change as they grow older. Speak with your vet to make sure you are providing your cat a well-balanced diet and figure out if a special food plan may be needed if your cat has kidney disease or is showing signs of other developing health issues.

Senior cat care food

#2. Installing Nightlights Around the House

Just like humans, a cat’s vision changes as they age. Installing nightlights around your home can be helpful so your cat can find their way around the dark.

There are even some lights you can purchase that turn on when a room darkens automatically, which can result in saving energy. You may also want to consider leaving on a low voltage light near their food and water bowls.

Senior cat care nightlight

#3. The Use of Ramps

As your cat gets older, they may not be able to jump up to their favorite places like they used to. Whether it be the couch, the bed, your lap, the window…etc.

If your cat has arthritis, joint issues, or is too large to jump, a cat ramp can be extremely helpful to prevent injuries or the risk of worsening an already developing disease. We hope you found these tips to be helpful. If you have any tips to help senior cats of your own, let us know in the comments below!