Why Your Dog Misses You From Work

Why your dog misses you from work

The Bond Between You And Your Dog Is Unbreakable

Even distance can never deny the close relationship you have with your four-legged buddy. You know this is especially true when you come from work.

As you arrive, you know that your ever-loyal and faithful friend is behind that door. He greets you as you enter your home. He is all smiles and wags. If he can clap his paws, he probably has done that long ago.

You’re tired and exhausted, but seeing your furry friend makes all things all right for you. You probably have wondered, why is my dog like this? Why does he miss me so much? Well, there are a few reasons why and most of them are really interesting. Knowing these reasons would surely help you understand your dog and learn about his behavior.

Why your dog misses you from work

He Is Stressed Out

When you are separated from your beloved pet, your dog gets stressed out. He knows that you’ll be out for a long time and the thought of enduring those hours makes him more excited to see you home.

He Is Worried

Dogs in the wild live in a pack. They take care of each other and they are concerned about the well-being of each pack member.

In the same way, your dog sees you as an important part of the pack. When you leave for work, they are worried about your safety. They want you to be secure and to be home as soon as you can. Only by seeing you again would reassure them that you are okay and well. This concern makes your dog miss you when you’re away for work.

Why your dog misses you from work

He Misses The Fun

There’s no doubt; spending time with your dog is a fun and enjoyable experience — not just for you, but for your pet too. Your dog treasures those precious moments.

When you go away, they know they can’t have as much fun as they have when you’re around. When you play with your buddy, be it fetching or simply just cuddling, he is having the time of his life.

So, don’t be surprised when your dog greets you as if you have gone for many years every time you go home. They will greet you with a sparkle in their eyes and excitement in their tail. Those things simply say, “I am glad to see you.”

Why your dog misses you from work

They Love Us

Think of someone that you truly love. When you’re apart, you’ll surely miss that person. In the same manner, your dog misses you because he loves you. His outgoing interest and affection to you make him attached to you. As they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Why your dog misses you from work

Come Home Early Today

These are just some of the reasons your dog misses you. Without question, the moment you step out of the door, they immediately long for your return. Even right now, your dog is probably looking out the window wondering when you’ll be home.

So, why not come home early today? Spend extra time with your adorable pet. You never know how much that would mean for your furry friend.

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