Signs Your Dog Is Bored

Signs your dog is bored

Boredom Can Happen to Anyone

However, do you know it could also happen to your furry friend? Yes, that’s right. Dogs do get bored and when they get bored, they do different stuff. It could be funny or it could be ugly and if it is the latter, you know you have a problem at hand.

For this reason, it would be a good idea to know if your dog is bored or not. Here are some of the signs you should watch out for.

Excessive Barking

Yes, every dog barks, but if they bark excessively like non-stop or there’s no apparent reason, then it could be a sign that they are bored.

Barking is one of the best ways they can get your attention. That’s why they bark at people passing by on the street or at an innocent bird flying over their territory. When they are bored, they can bark just for the sake of having something to do.

So, when you hear your dog barking, check what might be causing it. If you see him barking with no obvious reason, then give him a little attention. He might just be bored and he wants to play with you.

Signs your dog is bored

Seeking For Attention

Yes, barking is a way for your dog to catch your attention, but he can do other things too. Some bored dogs jump right into your lap or would try to pull your shirt. Sometimes they lean to you or put their paws on your laptop.

These are signs of boredom. They are looking for something to do and they see you as someone who can help them.

Signs your dog is bored


In the wild, animals in the dog family love to dig. They don’t just do it to find food or build their shelter, but sometimes, they do it just to occupy their time. The same thing can also be said to your domesticated dog.

For your dog, digging is a great stress reliever and a self-rewarding activity. There’s something in the earth that excites them. The smell of the soil, the texture of the mud, and the feeling of not knowing what he will discover — all these are more than enough to keep him digging.

While digging is fun for dogs, they are not for us, humans. In fact, we don’t like our dogs digging around the yard. We don’t want our beautiful and well-manicured lawn to get destroyed by digging. However, don’t get surprised to see more holes in your yard when your dog is bored.

The bigger problem is when bored dogs might not be satisfied with just your yard. They may even dig through your carpet, couch, indoor plants, and trash bin.

So, give your pooch a few minutes of your time. When you’re not busy, take him for a walk. Bring him to the park. Play with him. That way, your dog would forget about digging.

Signs your dog is bored

Running Away For Freedom

For some dogs, they see your fence as a means to curb down his freedom. They are ever curious about what goes on beyond that fence. They have this nagging feeling that they are missing something just because they are cooped up inside your home. They want to know where that delicious smell is coming from or what other dogs are doing.

The thought of exploring the great outdoors is even greater when they are bored. Since they are not preoccupied, they tend to think more about what’s outside.

So, they do the unthinkable. Once they see an opening, they run away and leave their boredom behind. Thankfully, you might find your dog easily, but other pet owners aren’t that lucky. Sometimes, it takes weeks, months, and even years for them to find their beloved dog.

Thus, to avoid this, aside from making sure your dog can’t get out of your house, you can always spend more time with your four-legged friend and prevent him from getting bored.

Signs your dog is bored

From Boredom To Awesome

Boredom is actually a state of mind. It is something you can choose or not choose. While humans can do more to avoid boredom, your dog is just following their instinct. If he is bored, then it is up to you to give him something to do.

You have the power to banish your pooch’s boredom and turn him into an awesome canine. Be creative. Manage well your time. Most importantly, do things together. All these should keep your dog busy and avoid boredom.

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