Can Dogs Tell When You’re Sad?

Can dogs tell when you’re sad?

You’re Sad And You Need Someone To Comfort You.

Your dog slowly approached you. Tried to put his paw or head on your lap. He looked at you with his puppy cute eyes as if trying to comfort you.

Right at that moment, you wondered, “Can dogs tell when you are sad?”

This is an interesting question that many pet owners have asked. After all, the answer to this question could unlock a deeper relationship with your four-legged friend.

So, stick around, and let’s discover whether your dog can tell when you’re sad or not.

Can dogs tell when you’re sad?

Are you sad? Your dog can tell

If ever you have seen your dog look at you in the eye and make you feel that he cares and understands, then you will definitely agree that the answer to our question is yes.

That’s right, dogs can tell whether you are sad or not. In fact, they can also know whether you are afraid, angry, and happy!

Pretty cool, right?

What’s even more interesting is that science confirms what you have been suspecting all along.

According to studies adult dogs have mental abilities, vocabulary, and emotional intelligence on par with that of a human toddler. In some instances, dogs may not fully understand how you feel, but even if they are not sure what you feel, they still choose to move in and comfort you.

Among other animals, dogs have the highest level of empathy. Their instinct is sharp. They may not understand every word we utter but they can surely unravel the hidden messages found in our facial expressions and body language.

So, when your dog gives you licks and cuddles while you’re crying, hug him because he’s doing his best to make you feel better!

Can dogs tell when you’re sad?

What Doggos Do When You’re Sad

Dogs do emotional mirroring when they sense unhappiness; bowed heads with a tucked tail are examples. As much as possible, they want to act as if they’re also sad. Some dogs may lick your face to wipe off tears (this is something tissues can’t do!) You may also hear them whine or whimper.

If you liked the way your dog gives you emotional support, let him know by offering positive reinforcement such as giving him treats and scratching his belly. This way, he’ll do it again when you need it.

Different Love Languages

Different dogs respond uniquely to sadness. Just like humans, they have different love languages.

Other dogs will show comfort by cuddling and licking while some dogs are clever enough to distract you from your depression by cheering you up and being playful. Some might give you space but don’t worry, they’ll come back to you as soon as they sense your readiness for their company.

Can dogs tell when you’re sad?

Dogs And Depression

Our furry best friends can be emotional absorbers. Be careful because they can easily absorb your energy. If you’re sad for too long, your dog can also get sad.

Be alert if your dog seems to be withdrawn, eats less, and loses interest in the usual activities he enjoys doing. All these may tell you your dog is depressed.

If this happens, release the loving dog owner in you. Start by making life enjoyable again. You can start exercising with him, going on a date with him, or getting another dog to keep him company.

Can dogs tell when you’re sad?

Final Words

So, there you have it. Yes, dogs can sense when we are sad. They respond to sadness in different ways and you’ll be glad that you have a furry friend who is there as your crying shoulder.

Studies have revealed that owning a dog boosts our happy hormones. If you’re struggling and in need of emotional support, or just want to have a companion, be a dog owner. Just be sure you’re ready for the responsibility!

The secret to living a happier and healthier life is to live with dogs. We need them just as they need us. When life feels chaotic, their unwavering love will keep us going.