5 Ways To Keep Your Dachshund Entertained During The Quarantine

 5 ways to keep your dachshund entertained during the quarantine

You Might Be Thinking Quarantine Means Being Bored Out Of Your Mind Or Binging Your Favorite TV Shows. Well Not When You Have A Dachshund.

Although you might believe that quarantine is going to be the worst part of your year, I can guarantee you that there’s one member of your family whose beyond excited, your doxie. To them it means a full day of fun and excitement. 

Finally everyone is staying home all day which means your little fur ball doesn’t have to be waiting by the door until you come home. 

You get to have cuddle time from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, but even with that it doesn’t mean that your dachshund won’t get bored too. Luckily we’ve come up with 5 ways to keep your dachshund entertained during quarantine, because if your furry friend’s happy, everyone’s happy.

Play The Game ‘Search And Sniff’

One way to keep your doxie entertained for hours is playing the game ‘Search & Sniff’. Similar to hide and seek that us humans play, ‘Search & Sniff’ involves hiding items that your dachshund is familiar with. The items should be placed in places they can somewhat easily get to but normally don’t pay much attention to. Doing this will push your dog to not only go treasure hunting, but also get more familiar with its living space. 

Thanks to their powerful odor sensors, your pooch shouldn’t have a very hard time finding the items you’ve hidden for them.

Items can include toys, treats, or new objects that they haven’t been introduced to yet. 

5 ways to keep your dachshund entertained during the quarantine

Get New Toys

New things always bring us joy, and let me guarantee you the same thing applies when it comes to new toys for your pup. 

Introducing new items to your doxie helps increase their interest by allowing them to explore new territories. 

To make it even more fun, try getting a toy that enables you to add treats within it, this will occupy your pooch for hours by maintaining their goal to get to the treat. We’re all food driven right?

5 ways to keep your dachshund entertained during the quarantine

Play A Good ‘Ol Game of ‘Tug Of War’

This not only entertains your dachshund, but it entertains you too! The rules are simple, grab a toy, preferably one that’s stretchy and made out of some sort of fabric, and get them to grab hold of it with their teeth. Once they get a hold of it chances are they won’t want you to take it back ,and that’s where the fun begins. 

Tug on the toy a bit to create some resistance, your pooch will put up a fight to save their toy and eventually lean off and let them have it. Be careful not to pull too hard, keep in mind you have much more strength than your doxie and you wouldn’t want to hurt their teeth. 

You can do this for a few rounds and this will help create some entertainment for at least half an hour. Chances are afterwards they’ll be pretty tired and will want to take a nap.

5 ways to keep your dachshund entertained during the quarantine

Give Them Chewy Dog Treats

Giving your little pooch treats is one thing, but giving them a chewy treat that lasts longer than them just gobbling it down will entertain them for quite a while. 

These chewy treats can range from dog toothbrushes to soft chewy bones. These can also help reinforce their teeth and are usually better than real bones that tend to be much harder.   

Dog TV

Everyone loves TV, admit it 90% of your time in quarantine will be spent watching a movie or  TV show. Well dachshunds enjoy watching TV too. Now you might not have the same taste when it comes down to what to watch, but nonetheless doxies can really enjoy relaxing and watching TV just as much as we do.

Some content that your little fur friend might find an interest too is simply watching something that involves other dachshunds. They take particular interest when it comes to their fellow elongated friends. 

Make sure to have the volume set reasonably low so that the TV doesn’t turn into a disturbance and you should be good to go.

5 ways to keep your dachshund entertained during the quarantine

Cure To Boredom In Case Of Quarantine

So there you have it, the way to keep your dachshund entertained for quarantine. Some side effects may include your little doxie never wanting to live outside of quarantine time, but the good thing is that these tricks can be useful all year long!

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