5 Reasons Why Cats are the Best Pets


Cats make the best pets

Cats Make the Best Pets. Period. Need Proof?
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Do you want a pet, but aren’t sure which furry friend to get? The biggest debate is Dogs vs. Cats. They are both so lovable and perfect in their own ways, but today we are going to convince you, as cat lovers ourselves, why cats make the absolute best pets.

1. They Clean Themselves

One of the coolest things about cats is how much time they spend self grooming.  You actually very rarely have to bathe a cat. If you compare this to a dog, cats tend to also smell much better because they are more self sufficient when it comes to their hygiene.

Unlike a dog, cats don’t go outside and roll in mud or find other rubbish to roll around in. Because cats are skilled at keeping themselves clean, they usually feel softer and cleaner than dogs and many other animals when you cuddle them, which is important to a lot of people!

Why cats make the best pets


2. They Are Very Quiet

Even the loudest, most insistent meows are much quieter than most barks. Even when your cat is trying her hardest to annoy you into giving her extra treats, her meow sounds are adorable. You will never have neighbors complaining about your cat meowing too much. It’s hard to be annoyed by such cute little sounds.

Why cats make the best pets


3. They Don’t Require Walks

Cats don’t need to be taken outside in the middle of the night to do their business. While no one enjoys cleaning the litterbox, it is still much easier and less of a burden than having to go outside in the darkness or bad weather and having to carry around little baggies of your fluffy friend’s waste until you can get to a garbage can.

Cats are small enough that they can get plenty of exercise indoors, especially if you have plenty of vertical spaces for your feline friend to climb. Since cats don’t need to go outside, they will also never track in mud after you have just finished mopping the floor.

Why cats make the best pets


4. They Are Independent

Because cats don’t need to be taken outside to use the restroom, they can be left home alone all day while you are at work without having to worry about coming home to any nasty surprises on your living-room carpet. Cats are also less prone to separation anxiety, so they can tolerate being home for longer periods of time without their human (though it is still best if you have a pair of cats to keep each other company).

Cats can even be left home alone for a couple without a pet sitter if you are going to be gone all weekend. If you leave enough food and water and have enough litter boxes, they will be just fine for a night or two on their own.

Cat sleeping on couch

5. Cats are Ideal for Apartment Life


If you live in an apartment, you are more likely to be allowed to have a cat than a dog. Many apartments don’t allow pet dogs but will still allow tenants to have a cat or two. Cats also take up less space, so they will be happier living in an apartment than a dog would, especially larger breeds.

Because cats use the litter box and don’t need to be taken outside to use the bathroom or to exercise, it is easier to keep a cat in upper-level apartments than a dog as well, as you won’t need to bring it down the stairs multiple times a day.

As mentioned above, cats are fairly quiet compared to dogs, so neighbors in your apartment building won’t be bothered by a cat’s meows like they may be by a barking dog.

Why cats make the best pets

 If You Weren’t Convinced Before, We Hope You Are Now…

Well there it is folks, the proof that cats make the best pets. We love all animals of course, but if any cat owners are reading this, you will understand why we have such a strong bias towards these amazing balls of fluff. Even with their sass, they are purrrfect.

Do you have any other reasons why cats make the best pets? Let us know in the comments below!