10 Signs of a Happy Cat

10 signs of a happy cat

“Sometimes when I get a little sad, and I feel like being alone, I talk to my cat about it, and he reminds me that I’m awesome. And then we dance.”

As pet owners, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your cat happy. However, with so many ways your cat expresses himself, it can sometimes be tough to confirm the happiness level of your cat.

So, we want to know: what are the signs of a happy cat? Here are 10 signs to watch out for.

1. Your Cat Greets You

A happy cat is someone who greets you with warmth and love. Whether it is in the morning when you wake up or when you come home after a hard day at work. A happy cat greets you with an erect ear and upright tail. He will then try to rub his ears and body around your legs or ankles.

10 signs of a happy cat

2. Your Cat Has a Good Appetite

By good appetite, we mean that he is not overeating. A healthy appetite is an indication that your cat is happy. Be alert though when your cat eats too much or too little. It can be an indication of emotional and physical problems.

3. Your Cat is Vocal

Cats make various types of noises. If your cat meows to ask for food, request for something, and tell you what he feels, it shows you that your cat is comfortable with you. When you try to talk to your cat and he responds with a meow, this is generally a good sign of your cat’s happiness. In most cases, a high pitched sound is better than a low pitch sound as it may indicate frustration. Among the sounds made by your cat, one that is a sign of happiness is purring. According to cat behaviorists, purring it a cat’s way of saying “I’m happy” or “All is well.”

4. Your Cat is Healthy

What makes your cat happy? He is healthy. When your cat is free of illness, parasites, and disease-causing microbes, your cat will surely become happier. To make sure your cat is healthy, a regular visit to your vet will do the trick.

10 signs of a happy cat

5. Cat Kneading

Cat kneading is an action where a cat tries to push their paws against a soft object such as your couch, pillow, or lap. This adorable action makes cats so lovable and delightful. When your cat is happy, he does the kneading motion and if he does it on your lap, it means he is giving you love.

6. Your Cat Loves to Be Around You

A sad cat would most likely become aloof and won’t rest or settle near you. However, if your cat always approaches you whenever you sit and ask for a cuddle or your cat would simply rest underneath you, it is showing that he is happy and relaxed.

10 signs of a happy cat

7. Your Cat Loves to Play

Like humans, happy cats love to play. They are happy if they play with you, with their toys, or with other animals.

8. Half-Closed Eyes

They say the eyes are the window of the soul and it is definitely true for cats. When cats close their eyes whether completely or halfway, in front of you, it means they trust you and they are happy to be with you.

10 signs of a happy cat

9. Interested In the Environment

When you see your cat exploring things, getting curious about almost anything, then that’s a good sign that your cat is happy. Confident behaviors such as being interested in things around them mean your cat is comfortable in her environment.

You usually would see your cat twitching its tail from side to side, smelling objects, and having wide eyes when exploring.

10. Other Body Languages

It’s important to understand the body language of your cat. If you see your cat arching her back with her fur staying flat, it means he is happy. When she lies down and exposes her belly to you, that means he’s happy too. Other body languages that show your cat is happy include a relaxed posture, ears that stand up straight and slightly point forward, head butting, rubbing, licking for grooming, and tail held up high.

Final Words

Now that you know the signs that your cat is happy, you should have a better idea of how to take care of your furry friend. If you see these signs in your cat, then congratulations! Your cat is more likely happy to be with you.

However, if you don’t see these signs, you might want to consider speaking to your vet or to an expert. They can give you more tips on how to keep your four-legged friend happy.

What makes your cat happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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