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November 02, 2020

Preparing For The Holidays Early: Top Food To Avoid Giving Your Pup

The Pawlidays Are Coming Which Means A Delicious Feast For You And Your Family.

However, there is one furry member you need to watch out for. While it is great to save a seat at the table for your pup, there are some foods that are off-limits. We’re giving you all the details you need to know.

The Main Course:

It’s a known fact that meat is the apple of your pup’s eye. Most meats in fact are safe for your pet, however, there are some that can cause issues should they get a taste.

Pork products have been found to cause pancreatitis, upset stomach, and diarrhea in pups. High in sodium and fat, while ham as the main course for you is super delicious, a small amount can encompass a large sum of calories for a small pup’s day.

While Turkey is paramount for Thanksgiving dinner, you will want to keep your pup from saying “Bone” appetite. Turkey bones can result in the cause of severe indigestion and obstruction of bowels in your furry friend. Known to potentially puncture the intestines in severe cases, Turkey bones should be left to make wishes not dishes for your pup.

Preparing For The Holidays Early: Top Food To Avoid Giving Your Pup

The Ruff Stuff:

Many paw parents think that the sides are safer than high sodium meats. While this can be true in some cases, there are more unsafe items for your dog than you think.

Consisting of many variations, stuffing is essential for completing the perfect plate. Did you know that most Thanksgiving dressing recipes contain amounts of onions, scallions, or garlic?

This is true. If you’ve been wondering if your pup can get this in their bowl, licensed veterinarians say, pass. The ingredients listed above are extremely toxic for dogs and can cause life-threatening illnesses such as anemia. 

These may be the ultimate Thanksgiving side dish, however, mashed potatoes can be ruff for your pup. Mashed potatoes usually contain butter and milk, which can cause upset stomachs for lactose intolerant doggos. Furthermore, pay attention to the recipe, as some call for onion and garlic which can be very toxic to your baby.

Preparing For The Holidays Early: Top Food To Avoid Giving Your Pup

Dessert for One:

While pumpkin can be beneficial for the health of your furry companion, there are many on the table that can have the reverse effects.

Desserts such as ambrosia, pudding, fruit salads, and more may hit the spot for grandma and grandpa, however, these sweet dishes are not the way to go for your doggo. Consisting of grapes and raisins, these after-dinner delights are highly dangerous for your pup. Even the smallest amount can result in ruff aftermath causing kidney failure.

Finally, the last and most commonly known no-no for your doggo is anything containing chocolate. Chocolate desserts may tickle your sweet tooth, however, they are super toxic. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic they become.

Happy Pawlidays!

Refrain from letting any of these items slip, and your Thanksgiving will go-off without a hitch. Should you pup digest any of the above, it’s always important to have your licensed veterinarian to contact.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving season!

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