How to Hold a Dachshund – Correctly!

How to hold a dachshund

How to Hold a Dachshund – Correctly!

Dachshunds, also known as “wiener dogs” “sausage dogs” and “doxies” are known for their long body, and short legs, which can make them prone to back issues due to their unusual proportions. Dachshunds spines are extremely sensitive so it’s important for owners to understand how to hold their Dog correctly to support their back.

Here are a few tips to help you hold your Dachshund correctly, and this is the one article EVERY Dachshund owner should read!

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Holding your Dachshund

Place one hand under the chest at the ribcage and your other hand under the dog’s rump (back end) it’s best to spread your hands wide to offer maximum support.

Picking up a dachshund is different than the way you would pick up other breeds and keeping their back at a level position will be far gentler on their delicate spine. Don’t ever pick up your Dachshund by just their upper body, while you may be accustomed to doing this with other breeds, this is unsafe for a Dachshund.

How to hold a dachshund correctly

Lifting your Dachshund

Slowly lift your dachshund, making sure to keep their body level, try to avoid their lower body hanging or dropping lower, keeping the back as flat as possible, while a little bending is fine, you will want to keep the back as flat as possible. Continue to support your dog’s back as you hold it, making sure to keep it in the same flat position.

When their lower bodies hang, this is not only uncomfortable but can lead to painful and expensive back problems if this continues over time.

Cradling your Dachshund

You can transition to a cradle position keeping in mind to keep the back well supported and as straight as possible while using your forearm to support their weight, you can bring the dog closer to your body for extra support and comfort, this will look like how you cradle a baby.

In general, you will want to use positions that support the full length of the body, so using two hands at all times is recommended.

How to hold a dachshund dog

Placing your Dachshund

To put your Dachshund down, you will want to keep the back in a similar flat position while slowly lowering to the floor, don’t let go until their feet are firmly placed on the ground as even a few inches of a drop can put stress on the Dachshunds back and joints.

And if you are a Dachshund owner, make sure to explain this process to any visitors before letting them handle your pup, this is especially true for children who in their excitement may grab your Dachshund the wrong way causing serious damage.