Can Dachshunds Be Service Dogs?

Can dachshunds be service dogs_

The Question: Can Dachshunds Be Service Dogs?

We know they’re stubborn, so can Dachshunds be service dogs? Dachshunds are cute, loyal, and intelligent. So, it’s not difficult to imagine that some people may feel a Dachshund could be in that line of work. We’ll take a deeper look and see if it is possible for weiner dogs to become service dogs.

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What Are Service Dogs?

Service dogs, as its name suggests, are dogs that are trained to provide services. They are trained to provide support in a variety of ways including medical, physical, and emotional support for their owners.

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As you can imagine, a good service dog trait is the ability to be trained easily. They should also be extremely well-behaved and adjusted dogs. Even in a crowded place or areas where there are a lot of distractions, service dogs are expected to stay focused on their tasks and owner.

Many service dogs are trained to help their owner perform daily activities such as fetching clothes, getting things off the floor, guiding their owner to places, and helping their owner in emergency situations.

There are different types of service dogs and each of them performs various functions depending on their specialty. Some types of service dogs include seizure alert dogs, seeing-eye dogs, and PTSD dogs.

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Can A Dachshund Be a Good Service Dog?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ Dachshunds can be good service dogs. However, they are not typically common breeds that people consider when looking for a potential service dog.

The main reason is that dachshunds are generally stubborn. They are intelligent, but it is also the same reason that they sometimes want to do their own thing. Moreover, a dachshund is known to be independent. They don’t want people telling them what to do.

Can dachshunds be service dogs?

Of course, all hope is not lost if you want a dachshund for a service dog. All it takes for this to happen is a great amount of patience, effort, and time. With the right dedication, any Dachshund can be turned into a reliable and effective service dog. As long as your dachshund is interactive, attentive, and food-driven, then it is possible to train them.

In fact, there are a lot of existing service dogs that are Dachshunds. That’s living proof that it is indeed possible to have a Dachshund as a service dog.

It is worth noting that there are certain aspects of being a service dog that Dachshunds won’t be fit to do. Since Dachshunds are short and generally small, they are limited in the activities and help they can provide. These tasks include physical support or carrying heavy things that a larger dog could manage more easily.

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How Can I Get A Dachshund Service Dog?

Once you have decided to get a service dog or a doctor recommends that you get one, you have at least two options. One is for you to adopt a service dog that has already been trained, or you look for someone to train your Dachshund.

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As mentioned before, training a service dog demands a high level of patience and skills. If you train a Dachshund to be a service dog, the task could be extra challenging. Thus, training should be done as early as possible.

Final Thoughts

Whatever decision you make, hire a qualified and competent service dog trainer. Additionally, it’s important not to get a certain dog breed that you like, but a dog breed that can help you in the ways you need. Otherwise, the service dog and yourself will not be a good pairing. Do you have a Dachshunds as a service dog? Share your thoughts in the comments!