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5 Ways to Use the Magic Pee Pads: Take Care of Pet Accidents and More!

5 ways to use the magic pee pads: take care of pet accidents and more!

Ways To Use the Magic Pee Pads

What are the ways to use Magic Pee Pads? Actually, there are several ways! There’s nothing fun about dog poop or pee! It’s a nightmare when a doggy rips up its pee pad, overloads it, or worst takes care of its business outside the pad. That doesn’t have to happen anymore!

Alpha Paw Magic Pee Pads go above and beyond. While your pet relieves itself, you’ll be relieved to know the pee pads have got your pet’s load under control!

It may come as a surprise, but pee pads aren’t just for puppies. Dogs of all ages may need them for various reasons throughout their lives. Alpha Paw Magic Pee Pads can handle any accident your dog may throw at them – big or little, young or old.

5 ways to use the magic pee pads: take care of pet accidents and more!

Don’t Let Accidents Ruin The Fun

There are times that even a house-broken four-legged best friend may need a Magic Pee Pad. When they are excited, that could mean having an accident. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re welcoming more than a person or two into your home, it can become more of an issue.

The Magic Pee Pads come in a sleek grey color scheme with a sticky tape backing. That means you can place the pads wherever your pup may have accidents. If you have guests over, it won’t create an eyesore! Simply pick them up and toss them in the trash once the fun is over for the day.

5 ways to use the magic pee pads: take care of pet accidents and more!

Cleaning Crates Just Got Easier

Here is one of the ways to use the Magic Pee Pads: in pet crates! As we all know, the goal of crate training is to have a dog be able to enjoy its time in the crate and feel comfortable. Most of the time, that is a reasonable goal and not too hard to attain. Unfortunately, it typically isn’t without some mess, especially when you’re training a puppy.

That’s where Alpha Paw Magic Pee Pads come in. They are available in two sizes to help accommodate various sizes of crates, though you may need to use more than one in large crates. The sticky tape backing means they’ll stay in place so that the mess stays where it should. It will definitely make for an easy clean-up for those days when it seems crate training has no end in sight.

5 ways to use the magic pee pads: take care of pet accidents and more!

Potty Training Doesn’t Have To Stink

One of the other ways to use the Magic Pee Pads is during potty training. Let’s all agree it’s the dreaded part of owning any puppy.

It does not matter how excited you are at having a new four-legged family member, potty training does not come easy. Not only is it an ongoing inconvenience, but you are also constantly fighting the odor that comes along with it.

The pee pads have odor-blocking carbon technology. A dry-lock polymer core turns liquid into gel instantly – guaranteeing dry floors and simple clean-up. With five layers of leakproof protection, there’s no longer a concern about lingering odors through the toughest days of potty training. Unlike other pee pads, Magic Pee Pads have a sticky backing that helps keep the pad in place, even when your pup isn’t!

Nighttime Accidents Happen

Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, if they have to potty, they have to potty.  If that’s in the middle of the night, that can lead to a mess in the morning. The Magic Pee Pads are the perfect protection for any dog that might have a nighttime accident.

Place one in front of the door they may go to or in the crate they sleep in for extra protection throughout the night. The pads come with a built-in pheromone attractant so that your pup is never confused about where they should go for a nighttime potty emergency.

Getting Old Isn’t Fun For Anyone

As our pups begin to age, so do their bodies. Bladders are one of the many things that can start to show signs of aging before other body parts. It typically looks like occasional urine leaking while sleeping in their favorite spot or not making it to the door in time to get outside.

With the unobtrusive style of the pee pads, keeping them placed around your home for your senior dog is less of an issue for matching your decor. No more stark white and blue pads to show off the accident prevention measures that you’re taking. Both you and your canine can take solace in the sleek and discreet design of the Magic Pee Pads.

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