Video: Does Your Dog Need THIS Vaccine?

Watch the latest Alpha Paw episodes with host Bernie Zilio as she tackles your pet parent questions, along with our board of pet experts. You can watch the video and read the transcript below!

The Transcript

Bernie Zilio
Is your dog due for the Bordetella vaccine, but you have no idea what that is or if your dog needs to be vaccinated against it? We have all of the answers to your questions and more…let’s get into it.

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Welcome back to Alpha Paw, your destination for everything dog. I’m Bernie Zilio and I’m on a mission to answer every doggone question you’ve ever had about your fur babies and today we are talking about if dogs really need the bordetella vaccine! And fortunately, we have an expert with us here today, Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross is a seasoned veterinary professional and pet care expert. He earned his doctorate degree in veterinary medicine at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and his work has been featured in several industry-leading publications, including the Journal of Veterinary Surgery.

He is our go-to vet for everything we want and needs to know about our fur babies, so welcome back to Alpha Paw Dr. Ross…

Bernie Zilio
Dr. Ross, I love how you’re always breaking down our questions about our dogs. We’ve all heard of bordetella, we’ve probably given our dogs a vaccine to protect against it…but what is bordetella?

What Is the Bordetella Vaccine?

Dr. Ross
This vaccine protects against Bordetella Bronchiseptica, one of the bacteria that can cause kennel cough.

Bernie Zilio
How can our dogs get this bacteria?

Dr. Ross
It is especially common in dogs that go to dog parks, doggy daycare, grooming facilities, or boarding facilities.

What Are Symptoms of Kennel Cough

Bernie Zilio
And what are the symptoms of kennel cough if our dog is infected with this bacteria?

Dr. Ross
A dog infected with this bacteria has a dry hacking cough. honking, diarrhea, and decreased appetite.

Bernie Zilio
If our dog does get kennel cough, what should we do?

Dr. Ross
Go to the vet. They can examine your dog and prescribe medications to help reduce the symptoms that your dog is experiencing. Most cases of kennel cough will resolve in one to two weeks with veterinary treatments.

Bernie Zilio
Ok but it sounds like we can avoid all of that if we just vaccinate our pups right? So make sure you’re up to date on your dog’s bordetella vaccine, so they don’t get kennel cough, they don’t give any other dogs kennel cough, and all of us stay happy and healthy.

Did you find this video helpful? Give us a thumbs up! Again I’m Bernie Zilio and this is Alpha Paw, be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a single doggone episode and we’ll see you next time!


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