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Video: 5 Unbelievable French Bulldog Facts!

Watch the latest Alpha Paw episodes with host Bernie Zilio as she tackles your pet parent questions, along with our board of pet experts. You can watch the video and read the transcript below!

The Transcript

Bernie Zilio
Why are French bulldogs called French bulldogs when they’re not even from France?! You’re about to find out in un, deux, trois…

Welcome back to Alpha Paw, your destination for everything dog. I’m Bernie Zilio and I’m on a mission to answer every doggone question you’ve ever had about your fur babies and today we are talking about the hottest dog in town right now– the Frenchie!!

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Everyone loves the adorable and uber trendy French Bulldog, but do you know everything there is to know about our beloved frenchies? Let’s find out! Here are 5 amazing facts about French bulldogs.

French Bulldogs Are Not From France

Number one, the French bulldog isn’t even from France. Frenchies actually originate from England and it’s assumed that their lineage traces back to the English bulldog. Lace makers in England bred their English bulldogs to be smaller, so that they could warm their laps while they worked.

When lacemakers made their way to France, naturally they brought their smaller bulldogs with them. It’s believed that these smaller pups were bred with terriers, giving us the French Bulldog! Or should I say, bouledogues français.

French Bulldogs Are Sensitive

Number two, these trendy pups do not take well to criticism. But then again which influencers do? If you have a Frenchie, you are keenly aware that these pups are very sensitive.

They do not like to be scolded, so if you yell at them, they may sulk and mope around the house for a bit. So if you do have a French bulldog, positive reinforcement and affirmations are definitely the way to go…and whatever you do, don’t make fun of them!

French Bulldogs Can’t Swim

Especially if you’re teasing them about their inability to swim. Yup, you heard me right. The number three fact about Frenchies is that they actually can’t swim! Because of their short and squat frame in conjunction with their rather bulbous head (make sure you’re covering your Frenchy’s bat ears during this section, so they don’t take it as criticism)…but yes, this shape makes it near impossible for Frenchies to swim.

They also have to keep their short and brachycephalic snoots out of the water so struggle to float. So oui, unfortunately, these french, but not french, doggos are not super pool friendly.

French Bulldogs’ Ears Come In Two Shapes

The fourth fact about French bulldogs that may shock you is that their ears actually come in two shapes. Here in America, we are used to the bat or swat style ears, but originally and across the pond, it is very common to see Frenchies with rose-shaped ears like their bulldog relatives.

Apparently, Americans prefer the more upright style ear so breeders are more likely to breed for that shape, whereas in England, dog owners prefer the rose-shaped ears. Do you have a preference? We’re *all ears* in the comments section.

French Bulldogs Can’t Breed Naturally

And lastly, the fifth fact about Frenchies that may shock you is that these cutie pies, while plentiful on the streets, in the dog parks, and on Instagram…cannot actually breed naturally themselves.

Male and female Frenchies can be fertile, but it’s very very difficult for them to breed themselves, without artificial insemination. Why? Well because they actually weren’t built to breed! Because of the ways they’ve been bred overtime, the Frenchie’s short legs, compact body, and narrow hips make it very difficult to…let’s just say, assume the position. Of course, it’s not impossible…. But it is very rare.

Sacre bleu! Are you a Frenchie owner? Did you learn something new today? We want to hear about it in the comments section down below. Again I’m Bernie Zilio and this is Alpha Paw, be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a single doggone episode and we’ll see you next time!

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