Why Therapy Cats are just as Effective as Therapy Dogs

Therapy cats

When it comes to animal therapy, dogs are known to be on top of the list.

They are the most preferred animals used for therapy. However, in the past few years, we have seen an increased number of people using therapy cats as well.

So, we wanted to know: are therapy cats just as effective as therapy dogs? Studies and research show us that the answer is yes!

In this post, let me give you a few reasons why cats can do what dogs can do when it comes to therapy.

Why therapy cats are just as effective as therapy dogs

Therapy Cats Are Trained

Before a cat is considered to be a certified therapy cat, it undergoes a meticulous and intensive training. Thus, a therapy cat is trained to help people who have physical and emotional problems and deliver therapeutic effects to them.

Moreover, therapy cats are trained to be good around people. They are trained to have the right temperament and be patient, calm, friendly, confident, and gentle. They don’t easily get provoked even when they are handled clumsily.

Why therapy cats are just as effective as therapy dogs

Therapy Cats Are Useful In Various Settings

Therapy cats are not just cats who you can bring to your home. There are also therapy cats that are especially employed in nursing homes, retirement homes, hospices, workplaces, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and others.

Therapy Cats Have A Wide Range Of Benefits

Therapy cats are shown to help in the physical healing of people. When humans establish a good relationship with animals such as cats, they release serotonin and dopamine – hormones that are known to boost the mood of a person, decrease pain perception, and improve healing.

Why therapy cats are just as effective as therapy dogs

Moreover, cats help people become calmer and more peaceful. This means that people can be more relaxed and their stress hormones would eventually go down. Not only that, but petting and cuddling a cat could lower blood pressure, prevent heart and brain disease, improve the immune system, and most importantly, help you live a longer and happier life.

As you can see, therapy cats don’t just help in physical healing, but also provide social and emotional support. Therapy cats are great companions and they relieve loneliness. Even those patients who are depressed and scared and those suffering from phobias are shown to benefit from having a therapy cat.

Why therapy cats are just as effective as therapy dogs

Choosing A Therapy Cat

Therapy cats are no doubt a good option for you if you want to recover from certain ailments. They are even nice to have as companions. The role of a cat in delivering therapeutic benefits, preventing illnesses, and improve the quality of life continues to impress medical professionals and researchers. One day, you will see therapy cats be as common as therapy dogs.