Hemp oil for dogs allergies

Hemp Oil For Dogs Allergies

It’s already been shown that the Cannabidiol from the cannabis sativa plant can be used to treat a whole list of conditions like cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, allergies, asthma and cardiovascular disease in a non-toxic, safe way.  It also does not give those using the CBD or hemp oil a high like users of marijuana experience.  The science keeps coming in strong for hemp oil.  Both humans and animals are seeing a huge improvement over their ailments.  Hemp oil is a fantastic choice for your dog and can be used safely and holistically and will improve behavioral, emotional and mental issues as well.  Some of the positive effects are immediate and some take a few days to really set in but you can bet that as soon as you start giving your pooch hemp oil, you will see improvements in their sleep quality, improved OCD or nervous behaviors, improvement in depression symptoms, pain management, and relief of allergy symptoms (just to name a few).  That’s what we want to focus on today.

Dogs just like their human counterparts have allergies and sensitivity to any number of things like grass, pollen, dust, or food.  Dogs just like people can be very sensitive to their environment and can develop chronic allergic reactions to all sorts of different things.  You may not realize that what you are feeding them or the chemicals you are using in your house is causing this reaction, but it will probably start to be painfully obvious that something is causing your dog serious discomfort and is affecting their quality of life in a big way.

You may have even gone to the store and bought expensive flea and tick collars or shampoos to try and help the issue, but in many cases that is going to exacerbate the problem and make it worse instead of helping to heal the issue.  A much better way to help your dog and to treat the allergies in a more natural and safe way is to use hemp oil.  Obviously, you will want to work closely with your vet to discover what the root cause of the allergic reaction is so that you can fix the problem at the source, but while you are doing that, hemp oil can offer a wide array of benefits and will help manage the symptoms and get your dog feeling better fast.

Allergies in your dog when it comes to food can be tricky.  Dogs need variety in their diets just like we do.  If you are feeding your dog a sub-par, chemically laced and produced food (most of them are), then it will be easy for your dog to develop an allergy to their food over time.  Whether it’s an allergy to some grain in the food or to a chemically processed protein that’s full of antibiotics and hormones, either way, it’s bad news.  You may initially see that it gives them diarrhea, vomiting, gas or an upset stomach but that’s not the only way an allergy can manifest itself.  Some of the other ways allergies show themselves are:

  • Inflamed ears
  • Swollen paws
  • Excessive chewing or scratching at certain areas of the body
  • Irritated and red eyes
  • Asthma, sneezing or coughing
  • Oozing and itchy skin
  • Nasal discharge
  • Rash all over the body

If you’ve ever seen an allergic reaction manifests itself in an oozing, itching, rash all over your dog’s body- it’s sad.  It’s painful, irritating and sore for your pet and hard for you to look at.  It’s not just food that causes reactions like this.  Any number of irritants in their environment can cause this type of reaction.  As a general rule, if the irritant is something inside your home then your dog will show allergic reaction symptoms year round instead of just seasonally like it might be in the case of seasonal allergies.

Hemp oil for dogs allergies

Hemp oil to the rescue!

Hemp oil (Alpha Paw Advanced Hemp oil 500mg) isn’t going to only help your poor dog’s allergic reaction.  It will go in and optimize cellular interactions and will help the body restore and repair all of the body systems and help take some of the stress off of your dog’s immune system so that it can kick in and do its job.  It’s also great for inflammation, which is a big part of the skin irritation that’s showing itself.  In fact, it will go in on a cellular level and act as a signaling molecule to support the communication between cellular structures and organ and tissue systems that are involved with allergic responses and inflammation.  It is a way to treat the allergic responses from the inside out.  The cannabidiol is going to go in and produce chemical substances that will reduce the inflammation and will suppress the functional activity of macrophages and T cells at the site of the inflammation, in turn preventing the allergic and immune responses at a cellular level.

As with any homeopathic treatment, however, it may take time to see the positive results.  It is also far more potent and successful when you use hemp oil in addition to other environmental or dietary changes.  If you can get rid of what’s causing the problem and then also use hemp oil in conjunction- that is the recipe for successfully treating the issues.  Be sure you are consistent with treatment and make sure you keep a close eye on your dog to watch for any reactions.  Always tell your vet exactly what you are giving your dog and in what quantities but we are confident that you will see a massive amount of improvement if you use a high-quality hemp oil to treat your dog’s allergies.