Green Lipped Mussel

Green lipped mussel

As your dog ages, it’s not uncommon for them to start to develop hip or joint issues, just like we do as we age. If you have a dog with hip issues, joint issues, or arthritis then you need to know about green-lipped mussels. I don’t know about you, but I had never heard of green-lipped mussels before. What in the world are those?

They are exactly what they sound like. They are mussels that have a green hue around their outer edge, or lip. They are one of the largest in the mussel family and are commonly found in the waters around New Zealand.

The Benefits of Green Lipped Mussel

It’s becoming more and more common for our pets to get some of the same inflammatory conditions that we get. Rheumatism, gout, osteoarthritis, and arthritis are on the rise in our pets and these are painful conditions that will seriously affect the quality of life for your dog. While these conditions cannot be cured, there may be a better way to treat them and help your dog. Most dogs as they age will start to develop inflammation and arthritis in their joints. Usually, it’s in their hips, elbows, and knees. One of the best ways to help treat the symptoms and causes of this inflammation is to supplement with green-lipped mussel. When they are harvested in their peak condition, they are full of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, omega essential fatty acids, and other valuable nutrients that your dog needs. There are no negative side effects and will work wonders to help your dog.

The extracts from the green-lipped mussel also contain a concentration of fatty acids and Omega-3’s that aren’t found in any other source in either plant or marine life. They are also a fantastic source of natural anti-inflammatory chondroitin and glucosamine. Both of these are an important part of providing your dog the building blocks it needs in the right quantities for cartilage and bones. They are also a big player in reducing and inhibiting inflammation and also relieving the pain that is associated with joint problems for your dog.

Even More Benefits

Green-lipped mussels also contain DHA, ETA, and EPA, which are essential fatty acids. ETA is only found in green-lipped mussels and bind cyclooxygenase which is an enzyme that causes inflammation, and on top of other things that have already been listed, they also contain magnesium, zinc, and glycosaminoglycan, which are all very important for having joint protection. The science seems to back it up too. Studies have been done and have shown that dogs that have osteoarthritis and take green-lipped mussel have significantly less pain and better mobility over a control group that did not take it. It also showed that dogs that take it need significantly less carprofen, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is given to fight chronic pain. ETA has also been shown to be much more effective at fighting inflammation than just DHA or EPA that is found in regular fish oils. Green-lipped mussel also is able to fight inflammation without the negative side effects and gastrointestinal irritation that occurs with normal prescription drugs that are normally used to treat dogs with these conditions.

That’s not all. Any of the other conditions that Omega-3’s help to treat like skin conditions, asthma, heart disease etc. also respond positively to green-lipped mussel.

Green lipped mussel

Really the only downside to this amazing product is frankly the way it smells. If you have ever wondered what dried up, powdered mussel smells like, you will not have to wonder anymore. This stuff is pretty rank. But really, all the benefits that come from using it far out-weight the measly little issue of smell. This has also shown to help the positive effects of other supplements like fish oil, chondroitin, and glucosamine when used in conjunction. It seems to have a synergistic effect and makes everything even more potent and seems to just work better when used together. In fact, many people are using these products as a daily supplement before their dogs even start showing symptoms of arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. This is a great way to supplement any dogs diet with a preventative approach that will keep them healthy for years to come.

Should I Give My Dog?

Your dog is sure to show positive changes even with small amounts. But we’d also say that the effectiveness of green-lipped mussel will also depend on the quality of the supplement that is used. We at Alpha Paw use only high-quality ingredients for our products to make sure you get the best for your dog. You will find the right amount of green lipped mussel in our Hip & Joint Chews to support your dog’s joint health.

There are no known negative side effects and they should take it very well. However, if your dog suffers from a shellfish allergy, then they may not do well with this supplement. As always though, whenever you introduce a new food or supplement to your dog, watch them closely just to make sure there isn’t any adverse reaction. This supplement is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that will help immensely with your dog’s hip, joint or arthritis. It’s a supplement that will also help with many other potential conditions, boost their immune system and even strengthen teeth and bones. Overall, our Hip & Joint Chews are a fabulous product and will only help them.