Your Dog’s Diet: Canned Dog Food vs. Dry Kibble

Your dog's diet: canned dog food vs. Dry kibble

The Canned Food VS Dry Food Debate

Canned dog food versus dry kibble is the question. There are many reasons why pet parents choose one type of dog food over the other.  However, it has been the debate since commercially manufactured bags kind of dog food hit grocery stores. Dog food, canned or dry, off offer a variety of flavors with a variety of claims on its supplement value, which can be very confusing.

Truth be told, a dog’s diet is what determines every facet of their health and total well being. Wanting the best for your four-legged canine friend is not the problem – it’s choosing the brand that’s right for your pup, in a sea of products.

Choosing the Right Brand for Your Dog

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on the best dog food for daily feeding and those that are better suited for emergency use. Aside from a scientific analysis, it’s very difficult to differentiate between manufactured dog food that’s actually good for your pup and one that is filled with subpar ingredients.

Your dog's diet: canned dog food vs. Dry kibble


Short of having lab tests done, the obvious signs of dog food that’s good for for your pup is the pup’s  appearance. Is the fur or hair shiny? Does it seem happier, and happy to eat the dog food you’ve given it? Does the puppy want more of the dog food, even when it’s not hungry?
Your dog's diet: canned dog food vs. Dry kibble


Consider discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of dog food with your vet .  Price is also a big factor in choosing the right brand and type of dog food for your canine buddy. Prices do not equate the level of healthiness in the dog food.

Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Some dog food are pricey because of the brand its sold under, but you can get the same quality with a lower-priced generic brand.
Your dog's diet: canned dog food vs. Dry kibble

Both Have Benefits

Canned dog food provides a convenient and stress free solution to your dog’s mealtime routine. You can buy the canned foods in bulk. The cans come in different sizes making it easy to keep a consistent serving amount for mealtime.

Many dogs also love moist dog food, as it’s typically more flavorful than dry kibbles. Additionally, senior dogs or dogs with missing teeth can chomp down on canned food easier than gnawing on dry, hard kibbles.

Not to be overlooked, dry kibbles have its benefits as well.  The hard kibbles benefit oral hygiene by scraping off tartar and plaque as it chews.  Additionally, unlike canned food that needs to be stored in the fridge after it’s opened, dry kibbles can stay in its bag.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to choose the right type of dog food for your four-legged buddy. The best thing to do is to get a sample and feed that to your dog. Not only will your dog be able to sample different brands of dog food, but your pocketbook won’t take a hit.

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