Taking Your Pet to the Office? You’ll Need This!

The pawfect dog bed for 'take your pet to work' week

One in four dogs suffers from anxiety. It’s heartbreaking watching them suffer, but luckily for those of us with anxious dogs, Alpha Paw has our back. Alpha Paw’s Cozy Calming Bed is the perfect addition when taking your pet to a new place such as the office. Find out why the bed is the pawfect fit for the job!

Taking your pet to the office? You'll need this!

Big to Small, Sizes for All

When it comes to dog beds, it is not one size fits all. Alpha Paw knows this and designed the Cozy Calming Bed with all sizes in mind. There are three sizes to choose from to fit the needs of your pup. The small bed begins with a 24-inch diameter. The medium bed is 26 inches, and the large is 32 inches. For reference, the large bed is suitable for dogs up to 80lbs – but who are we kidding? No bed is ever too big for even the tiniest pup.

Emotional Security, Physical Support, Calm Dogs

With Take Your Pet To Work Week approaching, the Cozy Calming Bed can offer emotional security and physical support for your dog at home or the workplace. It is the perfect bed for dogs that love to curl up for a good snooze. It has a raised rim to provide ample head and neck support. This rim activates a positive nervous system response that allows your dog to fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly.

The Cozy Calming Bed is filled with super-soft filling to offer joint and muscle support no matter their age. For young pups, this means helping keep their joints healthy, and for older dogs, it means relieving any existing discomfort. As a bonus, the bed comes made from premium vegan fur.

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The fur mimics the warmth of their mother and provides a natural feeling of comfort and safety – drastically reducing anxiety in any environment.

Taking your pet to the office? You'll need this!

100% Machine Washable For The Win

All pet owners know the sinking feeling when you find out something is not machine washable but covered in a pet mess. Alpha Paw’s Cozy Calming Bed is okay to be washed* as needed. No matter what your dog throws at it, the bed is ready to tackle it. The same fabrics used for the bed are also used for baby blankets by countless companies. They are durable, high-quality, and 100% machine washable.

*To ensure the longevity of your Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Bed, it should be machine washed on a gentle cycle then tumbled dry.